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2012 Draft Thursday, June 28th: Raptors select Terence Ross

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  • I think he'll be better offensively, but Jones' defense is really underrated, not to mention his ability to create for others. He did some things in the tourney that blew me away.


    • Offense fits the bill for what the Raptors need the most doesn't it though? I beleive Casey was asking for shooters, not defensive players in the exit interviews. I think he feels we are pretty good on D and is looking for offensive weapons now. Not that T. Jones is a slouch on that end, but Barnes should excel.


      • Barnes is a good shooter but that's about it. Yes Casey wants shooters but I think Barnes is a bandaid solution. He'd certainly bring something to the table but he'd leave a lot too.

        Yes Jones wouldn't contribute on offense nearly as much the first couple years but I don't see him getting torched on D like Barnes is going to.


        • As has been brought up before, JJ pretty much does what Jones does though so it'd be a bit redundant. I think Jones' ceiling is higher but whatever.


          • This thread is about Lamb now, 3 cheers for Lamb


            • By all accounts Barnes is a decent defender, and without refrencing the players on this team that Casey has worked his magic with, I beleive he can do the same with Barnes whom has all the physical gifts to play D.

              I don't remember reading anywhere that T. Jones is an exceptional defender, and keep in mind he had Davis and MKG behind him at all times which might make him look like a better defender than what he was.

              I'm not disputing your opinion (well, guess I am), but all the information I have says that Barnes is the better pick and will be the better player. Most mock drafts put together by pro level scouts have Barnes being picked a minimum of 5 spots before T. Jones. In many cases as many as 10 spots before.


              • ceez wrote: View Post
                This thread is about Lamb now, 3 cheers for Lamb
                whoops. That was probably my fault.

                I'm no longer bummed about picking 8th now. I firmly believe of those 4 wings (Beal, MKG, Lamb, Barnes) one will be available as Robinson, Davis, and Drummond will all go top 7 and one of Perry Jones or Jared Sullinger should slip in to the top 7.

                The great thing is, I don't think Lamb is a consolation prize.

                7'0" wingspan and can shoot and dribble!!!


                • I totally agree


                  • The questions about Drummond seem to revolve mostly around whether or not he will realize his potential, based on his overall lack of improvement from his freshman year to his sophomore year in college.

                    Defensively, Drummond is the real deal. He ranked in the 96th percentile in post defense, 92nd percentile in isolation situations, and showed the ability to block shots without fouling, ranking sixth among college prospects in blocked shots. He does a great job blocking shots in help situations, not just taking care of his own man, and also has a knack for keeping balls in play after blocks, rather than swatting them out of bounds and preserving the possession for his opponent.

                    On the offensive end, Drummond is definitely a work in progress. He has a great deal of quickness, agility and physical prowess, he simply seems to lack the know-how. His strength is absolutely in transition, where he ranked in the 92nd percentile, but he ranked in the 16th percentile in post-ups, 48th in isolation, and 24th in offensive put-backs. Given his size and his physical tools, Drummond should be dominant in the paint on both ends of the floor, not just the defensive end. The right coaching staff should be able to help him develop that skill set, as he is just 18 years old going into the draft.


                    This bit is a really good example of why to never trust anything from Bill Ingram. Notice the underlined part: Drummond is a freshman! Everyone makes a mistake but come on, that is a gimme.

                    As for the bold section - impressive. Unfortunately, I still think Kwame Brown when I think Andre Drummond. I hope I'm wrong.


                    • I see deandre jordon


                      • ceez wrote: View Post
                        I see deandre jordon
                        That is an interesting observation. I can see that.


                        • Matt52 wrote: View Post
                          *All stats are per40 pace adjusted to try and get an apples to apples comparison and for 2011/12 season*

                          **All stats from and all video from**

                          Harrison Barnes, SF:

                          Measurements: 6'8", 223lbs, 6'11" wingspan

                          38 games played and 29.2 minutes per game

                          per40 pace adjusted:
                          21.2 points
                          44.0%, 7.5 fgm/17.0 fga
                          46.9%, 5.9 2pt fgm/12.5 2pt fga
                          35.8% 1.6 3pt fgm/4.5 3pt fga
                          72.3% 4.6 ftm/6.4 fta
                          6.5 rebounds (2.4 off)
                          1.4 assist
                          1.3 steal
                          0.4 block
                          2.4 turnover

                          true shooting%: 0.53
                          effective shooting%: 0.49

                          Highlights (from freshman year):

                          Bradley Beal, SG:

                          Measurements: 6'4.5", 201lbs, 6'7" wingspan

                          37 games played and 34.2 minutes per game

                          per40 pace adjusted:
                          17.4 points
                          44.5%, 5.6 fga/12.5 fgm
                          54.1%, 3.6 2pt fgm/6.6 2pt fga,
                          33.9%, 2.0 3pt fgm/5.9 3pt fga
                          76.9%, 4.2 ftm/5.5 fta
                          7.9 rebounds (1.6 off)
                          2.6 assists
                          1.6 steals
                          1.0 block
                          2.5 turnovers

                          true shooting%: 0.58
                          effective shooting%: 0.53


                          Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF:

                          Measurements: 6'7", 228lbs (?), 6'10" wingspan

                          40 games played and 31.1 minutes per game

                          per40 pace adjusted:
                          15.3 points
                          49.1%, 5.1 fgm/10.4 fga
                          53.5%, 4.7 2pt fgm/8.8 2pt fga
                          25.5%, 0.4 3pt fgm/1.6 3pt fga
                          74.5%, 4.6 ftm/6.2 fta
                          9.5 rebounds (3.3 off)
                          2.4 assists
                          1.2 steals
                          1.2 blocks
                          2.8 turnovers

                          true shooting%: 0.57
                          effective shooting%: 0.51


                          Jeremy Lamb, SG:

                          Measurements: 6'5", 185lbs, 7'0" wingspan

                          34 games played and 37.2 minutes per game

                          per40 pace adjusted:
                          19.4 points
                          47.8%, 7.0 fgm/14.6 fga
                          60.1%, 4.7 2pt fgm/7.8 2pt fga
                          33.6%, 2.3 3pt fgm/6.8 3pt fga
                          81%, 3.2 ftm/3.9 fta
                          5.3 rebounds (1.0 off)
                          1.9 assists
                          1.4 steals
                          0.7 blocks
                          2.2 turnovers

                          true shooting%: 0.59
                          effective shooting%: 0.56

                          Highlights (from freshman year):

                          Nice post Matt. I think Lamb is probably the only guy of the four that will be available at #8 or 9(assuming that's where the Raptors select). Lamb would be an excellent pick up and I don't think he's far behind Beal or Barnes in terms of value. I think the upside is equal.


                          • Right when I realized we were picking at 8-9. I knEW that Lamb would be a good pick there. I really think when it comes down to it's either going to be PJ3, Lamb, and TJ. If BC is sold that PJ3 is a 3. I think he gets the edge with BC. If you think of it all of his picks have all been potential picks.


                            • do you have a source for when BC said he was convinced that PJ3 was a 3? I'm thrilled he even mentioned his name.


                              • Mediumcore wrote: View Post
                                do you have a source for when BC said he was convinced that PJ3 was a 3? I'm thrilled he even mentioned his name.
                                I said "If his sold that his a 3"