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2012 Draft Thursday, June 28th: Raptors select Terence Ross

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    Another 2012 write up. Check out Gilchrist's high school stat line which I bolded - that is all-around game right there:

    Charlotte Observer's 2012 NBA mock draft lottery for 10 picks

    Thursday's NBA draft - and the draft-day trade that sent Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston to Milwaukee - showed that the Charlotte Bobcats continue to be in rebuilding mode. If that's the case, the Bobcats could well end up in the lottery again next season, possibly with a higher pick than the Nos. 7 and 9 selections they ended up with this year. Here's a look at 10 intriguing players who could be available for the Bobcats if they have a high lottery pick. Six of them will be freshmen in college this upcoming season.

    1. Anthony Davis, PF, 6-10, Fr., Kentucky
    Expert's take: "Has great instincts around the rim, touch within 5 feet of the basket ... Great athleticism, body control and touch makes him a very strong finisher in the paint.
    Bottom line: Scored 29 points (on 13-of-15 shooting) and had 11 rebounds and four blocks in Jordan Brand Classic in Charlotte in May ... Grew 7 inches after his junior year in high school.

    2. Harrison Barnes, SF, 6-8, Soph., North Carolina
    Expert's take: "Appears to have a good understanding of where he is now and where he's going . . . Still shows a good deal of potential left in his game . . . Needs to work on improving his left hand and become equally adept at driving using either hand.
    Bottom line: Averaged 15.7 points, 5.8 rebounds as a freshman for Tar Heels . . . Came on strong at end of season after struggling early.

    3. Jared Sullinger, PF, 6-9, Soph., Ohio State
    Expert's take: "He has decent touch around the basket, but misses the occasional easy shot, but luckily is so big and hustles to get an easy put back. He knows how to use his body, is smart and aggressive."
    Bottom line: Averaged 17.2 points, 10.2 rebounds for Buckeyes ... Big 10 freshman of the year.

    4. Perry Jones, PF, 6-9, Soph., Baylor
    Expert's take: "His potential in terms of rebounding and defense is unlimited, he has the tools to defend all five positions."
    Bottom line: Averaged 13.9 points, 9.8 rebounds for Bears ... Was expected to leave school after freshman season, but elected to stay.

    5. James McAdoo, PF/SF, 6-9, Fr., North Carolina
    Expert's take: "McAdoo's biggest virtues lie in his skill-level and his basketball IQ, which is extraordinarily high for a player his age."
    Bottom line: Was co-MVP of Jordan Brand Classic and McDonald's All-Star games ... Relative of former Tar Heel and long-time NBA star Bob McAdoo.

    6. Quincy Miller, SF, 6-9, Fr., Baylor
    Expert's take: " Small forward who kills defenders with his ankle-breaking moves, change of pace, and aggressiveness getting to the basket."
    Bottom line: Missed much of last season at Westchester Academy in High Point with knee injury.

    7. Bradley Beal, SG, 6-4, Fr., Florida
    Expert's take: "Skilled scorer who has the ability to get to the rim, hit the pull-up jumper, or just shoot the 3 and be equally effective at all of his options."
    Bottom line: Heading to Florida after a standout high school career at Chaminade College Prep in St. Louis ... Averaged 32.5 points, 5.7 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 2.7 steals last season.

    8. Michael Gilchrist, SF, 6-7, Fr., Kentucky
    Expert's take: 7-foot wingspan and stand-out athleticism allow him to play much bigger than his height ... Rebounds very well utilizing his length and athleticism and the fundamentals of boxing out.
    Bottom line: Another top recruit going to Kentucky for likely one season ... Averaged 19.4 points, 14.3 rebounds, 6.3 assists, 5.2 blocks and 3.5 steals as a senior at St. Patrick High in Elizabeth, N.J.

    9. Austin Rivers, PG/SG, 6-4, Fr., Duke
    Expert's take: "Rivers is a multi-faceted offensive threat who is capable of creating his own shot in the half-court and being a deadly shooter from beyond the arc."
    Bottom line: Son of Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers was the consensus top high school prospect of last season ... Averaged 28.8 points, 6.1 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 2.0 steals for Winter Park (Fla.) High.

    10. Jeremy Lamb, SG, 6-5, Soph., Connecticut
    Expert's take: "The first thing that jumps out about Lamb is his incredible length. Standing 6-5 with a reported 7-1 wingspan - which, if true, would be one of the longest wingspans of any shooting guard in our database."
    Bottom line: Averaged 11.1 points for Huskies as backcourt mate of Bobcats-draftee Kemba Walker ... Improved his draft prospects with his play in NCAA tournament.

    Read more:


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      I think perry jones is going to either be the #1 overall pick or fall out of the lottery. He's talented but he strikes me as one of those guys that'll take a few years to figure things out. He'll be exciting to watch but frustrating too.

      I also think Rivers and Teague are going to jump up that list while Sullinger is going to fall about 10 spots.


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        I'm with you on Gilchrist. I think he and Barnes are the premier SF's and we'd be lucky to get either. Miller is intriguing but Baylor wings terrify me. I have no doubt he'll be good, but not THAT good.

        The common theme with the prospects this year is "high IQ" which I'm thrilled about.


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          2012 Draft

          According to this article in NBA, we will be number 3 in 2012 draft if there was to be no season. This is based on MLB back in 95 when they were on strike.
          I hear somewhere NBA might do like NHL an that means we will be number 9 to 13.


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            David Aldridge's Opinion On How 2012 Draft Order Should Be Decided If Season Lost

            That would mean, in this scenario, a 2012 Draft following a cancelled 2011-12 regular season would go as follows:

            1. L.A. Clippers (unprotected from Minnesota)

            2. Cleveland*

            3. Toronto

            4. Washington

            5. Sacramento/New Jersey (coin flip)

            6. Sacramento/New Jersey (coin flip)

            7. Detroit

            8. L.A. Clippers

            9. Charlotte

            10. Milwaukee

            11. Golden State

            12. Utah

            13. Phoenix

            14. Houston

            15. Indiana

            16. Philadelphia

            17. New York

            18. Atlanta

            19. Memphis/New Orleans (coin flip)

            20. Memphis/New Orleans (coin flip)

            21. Portland

            22. Denver

            23. Orlando

            24. Oklahoma City

            25. Boston

            26. Dallas/L.A. Lakers (coin flip)

            27. Dallas/L.A. Lakers (coin flip)

            28. Miami

            29. San Antonio

            30. Chicago
            Courtesy of's David Aldridge


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              thats obviously not official.
              anything can happen.
              The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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                The Clippers would be stacked if that went down.


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                  thats not at all what he said. he stated if the draft went like MLB's in 1995. but theres plently of other options like past 3 years average. or the "for every season over .500 for the past 3 years a team loses 1 ping pong ball starting at 5. Really the chance of the MLB draft would be unlikely also thats assuming the season doesnt start


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                    not "we will" its just one of the options for the draft type there are other options for draft types


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                      enlightenment wrote: View Post
                      thats obviously not official.
                      anything can happen.
                      It's not, the thread title states that it is David Aldridge's opinion. Any link on how he made up his mind?

                      Nvm, found it on HURPDURP.
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                        This topic has already been created.


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                          Thread renamed

                          I renamed the thread because it was misleading. Enlightenment was right in what he was saying.


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                            my bad


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                              I hope he's right, that third pick would be sweet. Lot of talent at small forward at that spot with guys like Barnes, Jones, and Quincy Miller.
                              "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."



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                                3rd pick would be amazing, but if we play out the season we may not climb so high.
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