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Raps Mixed Culture Revealing Deep Racism?

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  • Raps Mixed Culture Revealing Deep Racism?

    I pose this question because, without a doubt in my mind and many others, every time we consider, look at, draft, acquire any player not born in the US or Canada as "garbage" because he's white. But Nash seems to get a pass for some reason. Point I'm making is don't make this a soccer mentality where race plays a huge issue. Our NBA make-up, as a whole, is changing. These are new times, eras being formed, generations passing the baton to the next and no matter what we say, live by, love and cherish, we're still a PLANET of RACES. Get over it.

    I'm black and my girl is white/french Indian and our son has the best of both worlds. This is basketball, not Race-ball, y'all. When I read some of the trash posted by some cats, it disgusts me, real talk. If anything, I just wish THIS little spot we have on RR as RAPS fans, shouldn't follow this mentality. This is a country that Thompson and Joseph are gonna rep, even better than Magloire did/does. These dudes wanna be proud of where they come from, but, listening to some immature racist jabs about Euro players is 100 % WACK from concentrate.

    We need players that have the skills, talent and IQ to play the game of ball. We need these players, REGARDLESS of skin color. Why can't the likes of Dirk, Zabonis, Stockton, etc...why can't they have idols? As a matter of fact, I like Jonas more now because of the racist hate he's getting city-wide. I'm an underdog fan, and Jonas is facing a fanbase, with obvious lack of any knowledge of a player, that seems quite rash towards a guy who hasn't even taken a piss in his new home. Lighten up, people, and slide off the racist hate.

    Hate him because he racked up fouls, shot 2-20, gets slammed on, etc. But dude hasn't even played here, yet. And if he's good, that's great. He's only 19, y'all. Imagine you in HIS shoes, having to listen and hear media boosting him and such, while OUR minds start crafting "ideas" of the who this kid is, him having to come to a country where he has to learn english, while answering questions he doesn't even have answers for...I'm happy for him and he seems like a great kid, who WANTS to be here....all while hearing the "fans" bellowing out racist ****. Absolutely counter-productive for future success.

    Face it, our culture is changing, in that regard too. Where players are now, WANTING to come here and change the culture to a winning one. Soon after, maybe your US/NBA star players might follow suit. Fact is, we need talent to focus on, not color. I can hear it, now: Players telling guys that you'll like it in Toronto, as long as your black?!?!?! Insane. As for my FELLOW multi-cultural peers on RR, I really hope you ALL have a player entering the NBA in the future. That alone will help raise the level of people going out to learn about cultures by learning about that respective player. Long live Multi-Culturalism!!!! Raps All Day!!!! That is all.
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