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Trade Exception Expires July 11th

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  • Trade Exception Expires July 11th

    Anyone think BC will make a deal or two before the trade exception expires on July 11th? If I'm not mistaken, there is still $9M remaining on it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if something does happen between now and then, but they may also just let it expire.

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    With the CBA expiring July 1st, I wonder what happens if the Raps don't use it by then and the new CBA doesn't include such things as the TPE... some sort of compensation, or just SOL???


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      I know that Cleveland and another team filed an complaint that their TPE should extend after the new CBA is signed, for a number of days equal to the length remaining when the current CBA expires. In other words, in Toronto's case, the TPE would last for 11 days once the new CBA comes into effect. I don't recall hearing if any decision was made about it... presumably, it would need to be resolved as part of the new CBA. Since a lot of stuff is going to need to get grandfathered into the new CBA, I wouldn't be surprised if TPEs get grandfathered in as well.

      If it did happen like that, it would be a huge benefit if most teams were right up against a hard cap and Toronto was one of the few to have a bit of money to play with.

      Here's the thread about it:
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