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Dwane Casey Interview (Sports Illustrated)

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    Mack North wrote: View Post
    I think you guys are reading way too much into it. I don't hear him speak of Bayless either, it doesn't mean they're going anywhere.
    Bayless doesn't play the same position as you know who.


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      The Raptors need Jose Calderon

      You know, before Casey got hired I was against Calderon coming back next season. However, after hearing a lot about how Casey wants the offense to run moving forward, as in free of play calling from the bench for the most part, the system seems to demand a good quarterback who can think on the fly. Those are difficult to find. The Raptors have a good facilitator now in Jose and unless they can find an upgrade by trading Bargnani then I have to admit, they need Jose Calderon this coming season or you're going to see a lot of 85-95 PPG outings by the Raptors. I don't know if Colangelo was on the horn with Denver but if he wasn't, he should have been. Ray Felton would have been a good long term upgrade to Jose.

      Anyway, it is my hope that Casey can get Jose using his mind more on defense. Jose has the good size and is fast enough on his toes that he should be doing better than he has.


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        i have a feeling we're going to see a change at the point if bayless doesn't figure it out. casey's had gary payton and kidd as his point guards, high quality defenders who can run a team. in minnesota they drafted foye, but he's only really starting to pan out now.

        if it were up to me, id try to get another mid first rounder and get teague or kabongo, but knowing BC i think he's going to try and get someone this offseason.


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          Then maybe someone needs to break the news to Casey that he's probably not getting a hall of fame PG to work with again any time soon.


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            Casey likes Jose, he likes him a lot, he has states so in one of his interviews.

            I think who plays and who doesn't is all speculation at this point. I don't want to judge players by Triano's time allotment and success. Casey will make the best with what he has, he seems genuine enough to get the players on the same page.


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              I think Ed Davis not being mentioned is an intentional ploy. All the bad press that landed on Barney @ seasons end really effected his worth on the market. And BC threw him under the bus a little. Obviously to make more blame go his way as BC did not have a contract yet. And of course Barney deserved it. So now the Raptors have a new Coach and things have changed. You are trying to talk about his importance to the franchise and where he has to play. Which is PF. What the team is trying to do is to imply that David is not as important and we only need a backup for Barney.

              It's just smoke. If I hazard a guess then they want a top 10 pick next year for him if that is possible. And considering BC's ability to trade then it certainly is a possibility.
              “I have no idea who Chukwudiebere Maduabum is, but on his Draft Express profile, he’s listed as Chu Chu. I think he’s worthy of picking just for that. He immediately is in the running for best All-Time NBA name.” -Tim W.


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                Colangelo hasn't mentioned Ed lately either. It's weird because Ed seems like a Dwayne Casey type of player. Ed being snubbed from player acknowledgements could mean a bunch of different things... None of which I deem positive.