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Jonas will be the youngest player on Lithuania's squad for Eurobasket2011

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  • Jonas will be the youngest player on Lithuania's squad for Eurobasket2011

    It's great for JV to get experience with the senior team. I am not expecting him to get much minutes but the fact that he's only 19 (the youngest in the squad) and he gets invited to the team is already a great feat in itself. Too bad Kleiza will miss. It would have been an awesome experience since Lithuania will host the Eurobasket games.

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    They'll definitely miss Kleiza, but they seem to have a good team. I'm surprised Jasikevicius is still playing. I still remember his big game against the US where he just killed them. I think they still lost, though. And Lithuania does seem pretty deep at center, especially with a lot of veterans, so I agree he might not get a lot of minutes. We'll see, though.
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      That's not the final roster, I'm sure they'll cut 8 players by the end of August.
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        dudes they got big val and mini sabonis. they're winning gold.


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          Kleiza is their best player, its going to hurt for sure but one thing I can say about team Lithuania is that they actually are one of the few teams that play like a real team as opposed to a bunch of players that come together once in a blue moon.

          I just hope that Kleiza won't pull a Garbo "hey my surgically repaired leg is ok just need to tape it and put it together and I should be ready to go, LET'S NBA!!!"