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What about the Fans in all CBA Discussions?

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  • What about the Fans in all CBA Discussions?

    I've been reading a lot of the articles published that continue to pay special attention to the sides of the owners and players. But what about the fans? without our money going into the purchase of tickets, merchandise etc. both the owners/players would be hard pressed to turn a profit. There are rarely articles which present the fan's point of view, what this means for fans, and more importantly what the fans want. While the players and owners encompass large groups of interested parties, I feel if one side decided to make this a problem for the fans, or even tried to start a fan campaign we would see a different discussion take place altogether. Fans have a huge voice, and I feel the owners/players aren't respecting the ability of the fan.

    What do you think? do fans ultimately have a voice in these discussions or are we the audience in this as well?

    Also, my apologies I've posted this under "Everything Raptors" when it probably belongs in the "NBA" section