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FIBAU19 - Latvia 2011

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  • FIBAU19 - Latvia 2011

    Here is an interview with USA's Lamb (2012 draft), after they almost doubled Egypt in score, coming back off of their loss to Lithuania.

    Canada beat Korea in what looked like a back and forth game.

    Korea 93 - 109 Canada
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    Bhullar had 24 points and 14 rebounds as Canada pounded Korea on the boards (57-25) but had trouble nailing 3 pointers (only 3 for 16). Croatia is the match up tomorrow, I think.


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      Canada are medal contenders even though they are missing 5 of their best players from the 2011 and 2012 class. If they don't medal I'll blame Wiltjer, Kabongo, Bennett for not representing.
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        The competition is tough! Croatia is kicking butt right now. I hope Canada does well but there is a distinct advantage to those teams that play every day with international rules, especially when it comes to contact (hand checking, no over the back, no harm no foul mentality).


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          Great result for team Canada; with such a tough group, this was pretty much a must-win. Now they can go into their games against Lithuania and Croatia knowing that they've probably already done enough to qualify for the next round. I'm really rooting for both Bhullar brothers to turn into solid players, so it's good to see Sim Bhullar have a good game here; just looking at the stats line, it looks like he's taken a big step forward from the U18 championship last year. Hopefully he can keep it up against tougher competition.


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              Note to the moderators, I will use this thread to make an update about the tournament taking place at Latvia and also making a few of scouting reports besides following Jonas performance in every game.
              Jonas is one of the stars of the tournament but he’s not the only one. Lithuania is one of the contenders but there are also a few very good teams with great prospects that I will try to look and analyze for those raptors’ fans that care.

              I will try to follow the performance of the best players in the tournament and scout some of the surprise players.
              For additional information:

              First of all, Croatia, the team that beat Lithuania in the first game has two potential European superstars and legit NBA prospects.

              Dario Saric ( is a Point Forward that is listed as a C by the tournament. He was born in 1994, so he’s two years younger than the rest of the players. He’s 6’8’’ with a good outside shot and great playmaking abilities. He’s probably the best thing out of Europe since Rubio and Jonas.

              Mario Hezonja ( is three years younger, he was born in 1995. He’s a very athletic SG that open a lot of eyes in this year Eurocamp as some scouts tagged him as the second best player in the entire camp.

              Lucas Nogueira ( plays for Brazil. He was a potential first round pick in this draft before he withdrew at the deadline.

              David Bertans plays for the home team. The sharpshooter from Latvia was selected by the Spurs at the second round this year. He’s a very good prospect, considered by some as the best shooter in the draft. He’s still years away from being an NBA player.

              The last superstar that I’m following is ALEKSANDAR CVETKOVIC ( a 6’3’’ Point Guard born in 1993 in Serbia. He’s the one that Raptors fans should be more interested in besides Jonas. He is a extremely mature player for his age, with great passing and playmaking abilities. He open all the scouts eyes this year in the Junior Euroleague semifinals (the best junior competition besides the NCAA) with a brilliant performance that included 35 pts, 9 rebs, 8 ass, 0 TOs

              As for the first game of the tournaments, these are some numbers:

              Valanciunas 19 pts (7/17 FG) 11 Rebounds 5 Blocks and 5 Fouls

              Saric (Croatia) 22 pts (9/14 FG 1/1 3PT) 11 Rebs; 4 Assists; 1 TO; 2 Steals; 1 Block

              Hezonja (Croatia) 7 pts (3/11 FG)

              Nogueira (Brazil) 14 Pts (3/9 FG) 9 Rebounds; 4 PF; 4 TO; 2 Blocks

              Bertans (Latvia) 13 Pts (4/12 FG 0/6 3PT) 7 Rebs; 5 Fouls; 3 TO

              CVETKOVIC (Serbia) 20 Pts (6/11 FG - 7/8 FT) 6 Assists; 2 TO; 2 Steals

              The surprise of the day was Sergey KARASEV a 6’ 7’’ Small Forward born in 1993 that put 24 Pts and 6 Rebounds for Russia in the victory over Brazil.
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                thanks Raúl

                Point guard Katic looked good for Croatia, but I did not get to watch, just saw his name all over the place after every score, and steal. He put the game out of reach in the end of the 2nd quarter and Lithuanians could not recover.


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                  Great update bro, keep 'em coming I enjoy reading about it. That allcaps dude sounds like some kind of euro demigod.


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                      Thanks for the update Raul.

                      Good to see an abundance of talented international prospects.


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                        Close game...

                        Serbia 78 - 78 USA(1:27 left)


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                          USA wins, 80-78 over Serbia.

                          Came down to a last 3pt shot for the win by Serbian Aleksandar Cvetkovic, but he missed it.


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                              Croatia vs Canada (about to start)

                              Our boys have their work cut out for them, but it being Canada Day one can hope they catch a little lightning.