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What can we do to save this game?

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  • What can we do to save this game?

    Lockout's here.

    I don't know about you. But for me, baseball, hockey, football or even soccer's ok, but it's not the same as bball. It seems we don't yet have a sense of urgency that we might not see any ball in November. Can you guys imagine winters without ball? Can you imagine your kids growing up choosing baseball over basketball? (Nothing wrong with baseball, but your kids won't appreciate basketball as much as you. They'll just hear stories from you when there was once a great basketball league... but as they're growing up, they'll think of it equivalent to the MLS) Can you imagine, eventually our forum discussions will die down and what will we have to do all summer?

    Can we do anything... maybe start some kind of petition to tell the greedy players and owners to get along? They're already richer than 95% of us... why can't they learn to share?

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    Well, you're talking about WATCHING the NBA. There's still college ball. I don't like it as much, but if there's no NBA, I'll just watch more college ball. Hell, maybe I'll catch Valanciunas' games in Lithuania. It would be ironic if I saw more of him than I do Raptors.

    And I don't watch any other sport. That's it. I used to watch baseball, before I moved out here (after the Jays won the World Series).

    As for what we can do to "save" the game, it doesn't need saving. Basketball isn't the NBA. When not injured, which I currently am, I play basketball. My kids, after watching me come home battered and bruised over the years, don't have much of an interest in basketball, and that's fine with me. I'm not one of those parents that need to connect with their kids through their own interests. I'd rather they find their own interests.

    The NBA will certainly suffer, because of the lockout, but like the last time, it will come back. It may take time, but I'll be waiting.
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