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    blackjitsu wrote: View Post
    You realize that Bargnani is still on the Raptors right?

    I'm sure Casey and Bargnani will get along juuust fine ....


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      ceez wrote: View Post
      These dudes rarely come back better, btw. Just ask Childress and Pargo.

      I think this has much more to do with Sonny Weems making 890k before taxes last season and probably being broke than it does with him having some burning desire to improve his game.

      The guy didn't play particularly hard for us last season when he had a few million dollars and a couple years of guaranteed work on the line, so why are we expecting him to work his butt off overseas when he'll probably be one of the bigger "names" on the team (and the highest paid). I'm expecting him to flop in Europe if I'm being honest.


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        Does anyone know which team he's going to play for in Europe? Does Sonny know?
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          AlexKennedyNBA Sonny Weems is close to signing a one-year deal with the Lithuanian team Zalgiris. The contract should be finalized later this week.

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          First time I've heard a team mentioned.

          Hopefully he doesn't have the same fate as a soon to be teammate of his:


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            Lithuanian press confirming that Weems is close to signing with Zalgiris. This looks good, Zalgiris is a decent team (the best in Lithuania at this moment), will have a good chance next year in Euroleague. 5 lithuanian national team players currently play here, while another 2-3 possible candidates are playing/might be playing next year.

            And Zalgiris with LR being deadly rivals could promise a possibly interesting JV vs Weems.
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              Weems Signing in Lithuania: Rather than becoming a restricted free agent once a new collective bargaining agreement is ratified, Sonny Weems is taking his talents to Lithuania.

              The former Toronto Raptors swingman is close to finalizing a contract with the Lithuanian club Zalgirius Kaunas, and a deal is expected to be completed by the end of this week.

              The Raptors had extended a qualifying offer to Weems prior to the lockout, which would have made him a restricted free agent. Weems' camp felt that this would be a lengthy lockout that could potentially cancel the 2011-12 season.

              Weems is looking forward to continuing his development overseas and hopes to improve his all-around game. He wants to become a more polished half court player and handle a larger role with Zalgirius. Hall of Famer Arvydas Sabonis is the team's president and NBA players such as Kenny Anderson and Loren Woods have also had stints with the club.

              His deal does not include an NBA-out, which means that he won't be able to return to the NBA if the lockout comes to an end this year. With that said, Weems plans to return the NBA next season.

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                Man I bet Sonny is gonna try so hard to dunk on JV when they play against each other... Well with Sabonis there, along with a bunch of Lithanian NT players on the team, maybe they'll have a good influence on Sonny's work ethic. We can only hope Sonny works on his shooting range and defensive effort. If it happens (IF), I wouldn't be against resigning him for the right price once he comes back, him and Demar being good friends, and we should probably try and keep Demar happy.


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                  He will receive the Euro-standard benefit of the use of a gratis apartment and automobile. And though the team and Weems are still putting the finishing touches on the deal, sources say it’s expected Weems will be paid an after-tax net salary approaching 1 million euros, or about $1.4 million (U.S.).


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                    i think weems can only improve by playing in lithuania with one of the best teams in their league. I feel like a lot of raptor fans are going to find a way to watch the lithuanian league now !!
                    The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!