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Player Profit sharing?

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  • Player Profit sharing?

    Players want owners to profit share since some the 'have' owners (7 of the 29 who do make money) could make enough to cover the losses of the 22 who (allegedly) don't.

    How would the players respond to profit sharing. ...

    ok boys here is 60 mill go divide it up equally? .... ANARCHY.... why?

    should Bargs make the same as Dirk?.... no
    should Kleiza make the same as Bron...?
    Should Doug Cristie have made the same as Jordan
    How about Oliver Miller and Tim Duncan?

    The obvious answer is no because Tim Duncan watches what he eats and works out religiously and makes far more sacrifices to reward his fans with countless seasons of excellent play.

    Same goes for ownership - Clippers are in the gutter because of crappy ownership who has done the least of all the franchises - Dallas is the opposite. For Mark Cuban to share profits with other owners who don't put in half the blood sweat and tears as he does/did would be criminal.

    I am with the owners on this one. NBA players are the best paid in the world and there are a lot of teams who are loosing money.,,, and no way in he11 would they accept profit sharing.
    "I may be wrong ... but I doubt it"