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Workouts During Lockout

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    Bendit wrote: View Post
    As Marz indicated my choice would be Gatorade Jose. Some of these guys who probably drop 10k in a card game while flying from one game to another should really have no problem flying to Barcelona for a week, seeing the sights and practicing some zone and "flex P 'n Rs ala Casey (he can use an anonymous Yahoo id to email some diagrams to Jose). My bet is Jose would arrange this in a flash....or maybe Doug S. could.
    Jose and Andrea will be busy getting ready for Eurobasket Aug. 31 to Sept. 18. They'll be in good shape but will be looking forward to a breather should the season be delayed. They may get work in Europe this winter, another possiblity in this labour situation with D Will working out a deal with a Turkish club.

    I can't see myself looking forward to watching Euro League games on my computer. I always look forward to NCAA hoops so that there will be basketball this winter.


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      pesterm1 wrote: View Post
      EXACTLY! any one that doesnt think this was all prepared for months now or even years are very wrong. this lockout has been talked about for a long time now. none of this is even a concern at this point. and i doubt any of the players get together for these group workouts until probably september. i have the same feeling as barkely now, its starting to look like this season will be a wash.
      I hear what you're saying. But even with months of preparation it's 100% up to the players to stay in shape and work on their game since teams can't say a word to them. Not every player is gonna stay motivated.
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        This isn't football, there are places players can get runs in. Looks like a bunch will end up in Europe and maybe China (probably)...More importantly, if they got together what would they practice? Remember, NEW COACH? I'm sure guys will occasionally hangout -- they were coming in and out of Toronto and LA (I assume to hang with Demar) before the lockout training together, but an official team practice? When they don't even know who's on the team, let alone what systems they're running?

        I'm not sure what the point of the article is, really.