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Sonny AND DeMar overseas?

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    LeetGoose wrote: View Post
    Isn't there some rule against players that are currently signed to a team playing overseas? The only way I think DeRozan can is if he joins that Chinese exhibition thing that Kobe was planning on doing.
    As others have mentioned its a grey area... but think of it this way. The players havea contract to provide a serive at a price. The owners have locked them out and are not allowing them (or paying them) to provide that service. Is there any reason they shouldn't be allowed to find alternate work in the meantime?

    Now ofcourse without an opt out clause it becomes extremely difficult because those players would be under contract to 2 teams and responisble for providing services to them both.


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      Bendit wrote: View Post
      (and the ladies)
      that was my first thought when hearing about Sonny going to Eastern Europe... he was whining a little while ago about being single... in Eastern Europe he'll be thanking the lord he's single... and their women... so fine.


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        I don't know much about the contract issues, but I think it has something to do with FIBA allowing players to do so. The NBA and FIBA have some agreement in place in terms of the Euro leagues honoring NBA contracts and vice-versa. That is why buyouts are such a key part of Euro contracts. The speculation is that during the lockout, FIBA will allow NBAers under contract to go over during the lockout (like Deron) since their contracts are technically suspended (or something). Any guy under contract would need very flexible outs because they'd have to be able to leave the Euro deal on very short notice if the lockout stops. Obviously, people should feel free to correct anything I've got wrong.

        As for Demar going over there, I have no problem with that if it's a deal like Deron's where he could easily get out. Again, these guys are going to be playing basketball in some way, so whether it's in Europe or on the Kobe tour, the best thing is that it's a controlled environment with other pros. There's no way Demar would take the whole year away in Europe if the lockout ends. You don't grow up in Compton with hoop dreams of playing in Greece, Spain or Turkey. He's in the NBA and it's where he's going to try and make his name.
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