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2012 Draft Thursday, June 28th: Raptors select Terence Ross

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  • 2012 Draft Thursday, June 28th: Raptors select Terence Ross

    Early, i know but after following the fiba jam i know 2 things, big val is going to be a fantastic center for years to come and jeremy lamb is going to be a allstar for years to come. to the point im kind of rethinking drafting a 3 is our #1 priority. if we get lamb at the 2 we can slide derozen to the 3. yes i agree with the general sentiment that hes not well suited for it but realistically how much worse is his defense going to really be at the 3? lamb on the other hand is a elite defender with a 7'1 wingspan which is absolutely unheard of and a fantastic scorer. extremely clutch, too.

    if im BC im doing everything i possibly can to get another top 10-14 draft pick so i can get my hands on lamb and one of the pg's.

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    Assuming they don't change the age limit on us in the CBA, I would definitely love to have a second pick in 2012. The thread I created in the trade forum was trying to come up with a center and another pick.

    The one I'm favouring right now is the Wizards deal. Washington will have a very high pick in 2012 and that is how you can get someone like Lamb.

    Or I'd like to try and make a deal with the Kings or Bobcats but we'd have to make a draft day deal to get that pick from them because both those teams owe their picks to someone else. They are lottery protected so in order to get their lottery pick you'd have to make the trade during the draft, and I really don't want to wait that long for the trade.