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    pretty sure we got a winner lmao
    Mr.Grinch wrote: View Post
    bargs will be effective next year because his offense will make up for his lack of defense. not saying he will be better defensively, but his offense will make up for his lack of defense so i think he will have a positive impact


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      ezz_bee wrote: View Post
      This is just a great sentence

      Phat Farmer wrote:
      The thing that makes me optimistic is the fact that he seems to take his Karate very seriously.

      In the context of the post it makes sense, but we I read it, it just made me chuckle. View the thread HERE
      Haha that one actually made me laugh out loud...awesomeness!


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        In response to the issue of Bargnani being a defensive liability at either PF or C:

        Soft Euro: Yeah, I read that somewhere on this forum...


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          PapiJulio wrote: View Post
          .... well lets pool a couple bucks together and buy Reggie a Crown!

          had to go back all the way to december. but, i found this one pretty funny. i found the entire basis of the thread so outrageously funny. but, this... howls.

          it's not the complete post, but, the link wil take you there.
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            I'm glad to see this getting some interest. Keep'em coming.


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              From Fully:

              Fully wrote: View Post
              I'm going to try and squeeze a response in here before Tim W. comes in here and defends himself with a novel.

              Thread Link

              sooo good!
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