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If Raptors used scabs would you go?

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    big_chris wrote: View Post
    With teams like the Lakers, Bulls, Knicks, etc, tied up with long term contracts... wouldn't making contracts non-guarenteed actually help the 'have' teams even more? The Bulls can't get in on the D-12 sweepstakes... but if you let them cut Boozer... If you gave the ability to cut players to the Lakers, they could go on a 10 year streak where they sign the best player in free agency, 10 years in a row if they wanted. If Miami was allowed to cut Bosh to sign Howard they would. If they were allowed to cut Wade once age started showing, they would, and they would use that space to take Derozan off our hands.
    I understand your point - but it is still the lesser of two evils. The league on a whole would be better - players would have the same type of accountability to preform as the rest of us do.

    If contracts were not guaranteed do you think Hedo woulda called in sick so he could go for drinks in Yorkville?
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      albertan_10 wrote: View Post
      the owners aren't worried about players going overseas. Europe is a mess, especially greece where players like childress have made some good coin. There's no way their threats to go over there will lead to anything substantial. If they do go, then the culture shock will be enough to push them home. It works out for some guys, but with the chance to stay at home, stay in luxury hotels, have chartered flights and make more than 100% of their european contracts no one will go there to stay. The players want to be in the NBA. I too am on the owners side. I don't think they're looking to destroy what the players have, I think they just want a system that works better and doesn't allow for one team to hoard all of the leagues talent.
      ya what lebron wade and bosh have done should not e allowed to happen we need franchise tags in basketball
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        Battles of the "aires"

        Who can take sides when these guys are all making a ton of cash off of those of us Lebron says have to go to their jobs everyday and live their lives of shit?

        The fan is the one who pays and gets screwed. The millionaires like the system that gets the Billionaires to lose their heads and pay the Hedo Turks of the world ridiculous money. The Billionaires are supposed to be better than this business stuff.

        As much as I hated Lebron/Wade/Bosh, I did not mind when I put it into the perspective of how Riley screwed the Cavs and Raps. No one had to pay them. We are pissed because Bosh would not take a max contract - way too much for what he is worth - from us. We should be proud. As always, the richest ones are the most hypocritical and the least wealthier are the idiots holding the system all up. Did the league not generate the most from the Miami girls getting together.

        Why do they not just keep the same formula for the salary cap and the threshold, but institute a hard cap? Why, because the teams that drive league revenue are the ones who are way over the limits. That would provide parity and keep serious player money in the system. And it would make teams think closely about locking themselves into Hedo.


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          I take the side of the owners because what they propose could make the Raptors more competitive. Beyond that I don't really care about this public stare down.