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Raptors so high on Alabi that they may not target a FA center?(OLD THREAD)

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    joey_hesketh wrote: View Post
    If I am not mistaken, (and I very well could be) the new CBA added a clause that made it so teams that are under the cap couldn't acquire salaries which put them over the Cap, and still proceed to sign their own Free Agents (read: Miami signing Lebron and Bosh, which put them over the Cap; and then signing Haslem, Joel Anthony and Chalmers to contracts).

    I believe they have to sign their own FAs first, and then fill out.
    Or renounce rights (and thusly the Cap hold).

    Again, I could be way off on this though, so please correct me if you are privy.
    You are absolutely right.

    What I am saying is acquire salary via trade prior to July 1st.

    On July 1st, the 2011-12 salary cap situation becomes irrelevant. Until June 30th, the Raptors have up to $10.3M in cap space on their 2011-12 roster.

    So if the Raptors are at or over the salary cap on July 1st, they can then take full advantage of Bird Rights and exceptions. They will lose out on any big name free agent but given the Raptors history, current needs, and free agent market that might not be a bad thing (although sign and trades still are a possibility).


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      Give up a hypothetical scenario of how you want that to play out Matt. Just so we're all clear on what you're suggesting.
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        Apollo wrote: View Post
        Give up a hypothetical scenario of how you want that to play out Matt. Just so we're all clear on what you're suggesting.
        I'm making up players here so don't shoot me for suggestions.... key word: hypothetical. I'm also not 100% certain numbers work in individual trades but the concept does:

        Beal is added via draft

        Raptors send Amir, Forbes, JJ to New Orleans for Okafor, Ariza (Raptors add about $11M in salary in deal).

        The Raptors pick up Alabi's option.

        Raptors are now just above the salary cap ($59M) heading in to free agency on July 1st. They are now armed with their bi-annual exception, mid-level exception, and $7.6M. Also, minimum contracts can be added regardless of cap situation. The Raptors also extend qualifying offer to Bayless ($4.1M).

        Raptors trade rights to 2 second round picks and Alabi to Denver for rights to Wilson Chandler using TPE to absorb salary.

        Raptors sign Landry Fields using $4M of MLE.

        Raptors sign Novak using bi-annual exception.

        Raptors sign Bayless to qualifing offer.

        Raptors use minimum contracts to round out rest of roster

        PG: Calderon, Bayless, Uzoh?
        SG: Beal, DeMar, Fields
        SF: Chandler, Ariza, Kleiza,
        PF: Bargnani, Ed Davis, Novak
        C: Okafor, JV, Magloire?

        Focus on concept... not the players.
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          But what about demar?!?


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            ceez wrote: View Post
            But what about demar?!?
            I accidentally left him out. Remember concept is the main focus.