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NBA lockout: one of the best explanations of the problem by Larry Coon

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  • NBA lockout: one of the best explanations of the problem by Larry Coon


    Bill Ingram's (from Hoopsworld I believe) points are not well made. Larry Coon uses his deep knowledge of the CBA to explain the problem with the system. Its balanced - and clearly explains why the owners are somewhat "forced" to pay players like Johnson max money.

    Explains Mr. Coon:
    Let's continue with Joe Johnson as our example. Suppose Atlanta had exercised fiscal restraint and offered Johnson a reasonable salary – something commensurate with his status as a good player, but not a franchise player. Ten million? Twelve? It doesn't matter – if it was anything less than the maximum, Joe Johnson would no longer be a member of the Atlanta Hawks.

    It's simply supply and demand at work. Star basketball players are a rare commodity, and they're in high demand. There are 30 teams competing with each other to reach the same goal, and that means they're competing with each other to sign the same talent. When there's a low supply and high demand, prices go up.

    You were right that Joe Johnson isn't to blame for his market value being so high. But neither are the Hawks. It's the system.
    Mr. Coon also explains the clear problem with Mr. Ingram's Phoenix example.
    (I also got a kick out of his stock market is "legalized gambling" comment. I guess companies like Apple don't create jobs and wealth [nor pay taxes to fund programs], they just hit "black" 2,938 times in a row.)
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