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Will Jose Calderon Re-Sign?

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  • Will Jose Calderon Re-Sign?

    If we can't unload him till his contract expires would you consider resigning him to 2 year 6 million contract as a mentor???

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    A lot can happen over a two year period (injuries, drop off in play, etc.) but I wouldn't mind seeing Calderon resign in Toronto as long as the price was right and he was still playing at a level where he could contribute.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Calderon is the one who decides to move on however. He's been through a lot in Toronto and while I don't question his loyalty, he may choose to finish his career where he can a) play with one of his Spanish National teammates and b) play for a contending team. It probably will depend on where the Raptors are in the rebuilding phase and what our PG situation looks like in two seasons.


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      I don't think 'unloading' Jose's contract is a good idea. Although trading him for a more valuable player wouldn't be a bad thing.

      But, I think Jose at 6 mil for 2 years would be a great price.


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        With out knowing the state of the new CBA and his health putting a value on the contract is impossible. With that said I think he is a great guy to have in the locker room and is a class act. The guy has handled himself tremendously given the negative press he's taken in recent years. Few guys in the league handle themselves better IMO. I'd love to see him retire here but wouldn't be upset to see him chase a title somewhere else.


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          For a moment I thought you meant the other "resigning" in resigning his commission.

          I think Jose will retire to the Spanish Riviera and play with his ninos and in the Spanish league possibly. He might even do it earlier than his contract (get a buyout).


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            The thread titles was unintentionally misleading. I just corrected it.


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              Jose is worth a 2 year 6 mil contract, that I understand, but I do not think he wants to play on a losing team. He is a standup guy, but he still wants to win. Hopefully, If he is traded, we get something decent, but, if not, I am fine knowing we have a veteran offensive PG to help out Bayless. We are forgetting that Bayless average just under 20 points in his last 10 games, he has 1 year left on his contract. The bigger question is can we get him for more years without being a contender (because he has shown he can be a big piece).


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                I think he should for the vet minimum


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                  tenforthewin wrote: View Post
                  I think he should for the vet minimum
                  You think a guy who is one of the better assist guys and one of the more productive offensive PGs in the league, at the very least, a top 30 PG, and one of the few Raptors last season that actually had a positive effect on his team while on the floor should be signed for the minimum? Are you joking
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                    Well IF he is willing to sign for the Vet Minimum, then sure! That'd be great!

                    However ... it'll never happen. He's worth far more than that.

                    He'd get $4-$5M easily just to go back to Spain.