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Thus far JV game seems ahead of Enes Kanter

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    After seeing the U-19 tournament and all the latest international play post draft. Who would you prefer as a prospect if you were a GM: Enes Kanter or Jonas Valancious

    Alex Kennedy
    Jonas Valanciunas and it’s not even close. I liked him more before the draft and he’s proven that he’s the real deal during this tournament. He’s excellent in the pick-and-roll, skilled offensively, athletic and has a ton of upside. I was always concerned about Enes Kanter’s time off and lack of experience. When there is only 50 minutes of game film on a player, it’s tough to fall in love with him. Now that we’ve seen him play, it’s clear that he has some potential, but he’s still very raw. His coaches have openly questioned if he’ll be able to make the transition to the NBA, which is never a positive sign. I was told by several teams prior to the draft that Valanciunas would have been picked much higher – definitely ahead of Kanter – if it weren’t for his buyout situation. Both players have upside, but I would take Valanciunas if I was a general manager.
    I'm not saying that he is wrong... but I have no idea how he says it isn't close. Their stats were almost identical with Jonas having an edge in a few areas and Enes in others (ie. Jonas a more active player, more steals blocks etc, while Enes much more under control, less fouls and turnovers). I don't see how one can say that Jonas isn't still raw aswell.


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      Maybe he had in mind experience, which JV gained during last season in Euroleague.
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