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Who, if anyone, to cut given an Amnesty Clause?

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    ebrian wrote: View Post
    It's good they have that. I didn't know.

    Truthfully, I'd like the NBA to have non-guaranteed contracts with NO stipulations. You start to suck the minute you signed your big contract? Goodbye. You bring guns to the locker room? Bye. You hit your girlfriend? You make inappropriate comments about the coach to the media/Twitter? Buh-bye.

    But I realize that such extremes would never get approved. I truly believe the NBA needs something to eliminate some of the nonsense. Perhaps I'm a jaded old man but I just think the NBA needs to grow up a bit.
    You better not be waving your finger at me, ebrian. I have kids.

    yeah, that doesn't come off juvenile or childish at all. Hopefully you are familiar with Dwayne Wade's shouting at David Stern.