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ESPN: Andrea Bargnani vs. Brandon Roy

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  • ESPN: Andrea Bargnani vs. Brandon Roy

    Similar to the Derozan vs. Matthews thread a few days ago, ESPN is once again asking some fairly relevant questions (relevant being VERY questionable I guess).

    We've all discussed this one before, so it was interesting to see what some 'experts' thought of it, anyway.

    3. Who should be ranked higher: Andrea Bargnani or Brandon Roy?

    Note: Bargnani was selected No. 1. overall in the 2006 draft; Roy was picked sixth.

    J.A. Adande, As wobbly as Roy's knees are, he showed he still has something left with that 18-point fourth quarter in Game 4 of the Dallas series. That's as many points as Bargnani has ever scored in a playoff game. Give me a guy who can take over in the postseason.

    Jovan Buha, ClipperBlog: Bargnani. If this were any other time over the past few years, it'd be Roy by a landslide. But with his body failing him, he's now an inconsistent role player at best. For all his faults, Bargnani can put a ton of points up, and thus has slightly more value.

    Danny Savitzky, Nets Are Scorching: Roy. It's not fair to just assume further degeneration of his knees and game alike, and Roy showed against the Mavericks that he can still take over a game. It's reasonable to expect he's put his time in this offseason trying to reshape his game to cope with his lost athleticism.

    Kyle Weidie, Truth About It: Bargnani. In a contest of Roy's knee versus Bargnani's heart, you gotta go with the one you don't have to stand on. Sure, Andrea will never be more than a complementary piece, and Roy possesses the soul that makes champions; but go ask the actuary who he'd rank higher.

    Royce Young, Daily Thunder: Bargnani. It's simple: He has two fully functional knees. Which is pretty important when it comes to playing basketball.

    Looks like majority would take Bargs over Roy.
    And I have to agree. But it clearly comes to whether you'd rather have a player with No Heart or No Knees.
    And in basketball knees are, unfortunately, slightly more valuable than heart.