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  • Fight back and join !

    Hi guys,

    We, as fans, are getting screwed. That's no news. But what I find quite interesting is that no one seems to fight back, which is usually what you do when you get screwed.

    This is a love triangle : owners, players, fans. Owners and players negotiate, set deadlines to eachother, threaten, communicate. In a word, they fight. But what do we, as fans, do ? Nothing. Well, my opinion is that if you don't try, you can't complain.

    I realize this initiative has hardly any chance to help in any way, but for my own fan conscience, I want to try. Let's gather a maximum of hoops fans, and let owners and players know that we can threaten too. We can ask for a solution to be found before October 31st or they lose us.

    We won't buy any ticket to any game for a year when there is a season.

    We won't buy any NBA branded item.

    We won't visit

    We won't ......................... [insert your idea]

    Again, i know this can look childish and idealistic, but let's at least try to fight back.

    Join there and share : Voice of the fans : boycott the NBA

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    Will cancel NBATV and NBATV Canada ... already did this anyway.
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      Member #5 present and accounted for...

      I think if they dont ratify a deal before then, we should start a militia, ive always wanted to be part of a militia....


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        ..sorry, from the title, I thought this thread would be about occupying Wall St.


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          I'm down.
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