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  • Raptors Press Conference

    The Raptors used the Stefanski introduction to also give a quasi state of the franchise address. Despite the lockout it seems Colangelo (and I guess MLSE) are looking to improve other areas of the franchise in the hopes of building more success on the court.

    There are three videos at

    Stefanski Intro

    Stefanski 1-on-1 with Devlin

    Colangelo 1-on-1 with Devlin

    Michael Grange at Sportsnet offers these insights:

    Companies that are for sale don't typically make investments that have little obvious bottom-line advantages. Businesses that are locking out their employees and not generating any revenue aren't usually looking to hire people.

    And yet the Raptors have been in acquisition mode lately. Since the end of last season they've hired Dwane Casey, perhaps the hottest head coaching prospect on the market as the lead assistant on the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks.

    And while Casey has literally had nothing to do since July 1st - team staff can't contact players - that didn't stop the Raptors from hiring a pair of assistants and retaining four more whose deals had expired. Former coach Jay Triano is still getting paid as is high-priced assistant P.J. Carlesimo.

    These aren't huge expenses, but they do signal a franchise that isn't looking to pinch pennies when it comes to personnel.

    In another move that was less high profile but arguably more significant, the Raptors hired Alex McKechnie in a new position as director of sports science to oversee all the care and feeding of their high-priced talent earlier in the summer.

    McKechnie worked with the Los Angeles Lakers and has been credited by the likes of Shaquille O'Neal, Steve Nash and more recently Owen Hargreaves of Manchester City for reviving/preserving their careers.

    But with a lockout looming, the Lakers - despite having just signed a 20-year local TV deal worth a reported $3 billion - let McKechnie go along with a wide swath of front office staff in a cost-saving measure in concert with the work stoppage.

    "You think of the Lakers and you think they are a great organization," former Lakers assistant general manager Ronnie Lester said. "But if you work inside the organization, it's only a perception of being a great organization. It's probably not a great organization, because great organizations don't treat their personnel like they've done."

    In contrast, the Raptors used the lockout to their competitive and karmic advantage.

    Again, McKechnie has nothing to do right now but pore over medical histories, but by being willing to pay him not to work, the Raptors have retained someone who may have long-term benefits for their franchise.
    To recap this offseason hirings and events:

    Head coach: Dwayne Casey

    Assistant coaches: Johnny Davis, Eric Hughes, Micah Nori, Scott Roth and Tom Sterner. (Hughes, Nori and Roth were retained from Jay Triano's coaching staff).

    Director of Sports Science: Alex McKechnie

    Vice President of Basketball Operations: Ed Stefanski

    Renovated practice facility.

    I am excited about McKechnie. I hope that comes back to bite the Lakers in the @ss.

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    lol A renovated basketball practice facility just sounds funny. How much better can they make that court? And the nets too? haha

    (Yes I realize there are other components to a practice facility)


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      I haven't seen a lot of pressconferences by Colangelo, but when I watch them after a deal has been struck or something like that, it seems that he always has to get a phrase in like "I've already been contacted by many people" who apparently all tell him what a great move he made and congratulate him. He might consider a few Psychoanalytic therapy session just to find out why.


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        the Raptors must have the most pimped up practice facilities in the NBA. Well you gotta do whatever you can to get them free agents