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Dwayne Casey interview w/ Eric Koreen/National Post

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  • Dwayne Casey interview w/ Eric Koreen/National Post

    Instead, the 54-year-old Casey will be the man in charge of turning the Raptors around on the court, whenever the NBA emerges from its months-old lockout. In doing that, Casey will attempt to turn the worst defensive team in the league for two years running into at least a passable one. That mission statement stumped Jay Triano, and has haunted the Raptors for years.

    I have a deeper commitment to what I wanted to do offensively and defensively now than I had then. I have a clear picture. I know how I want to go about it, a method to the madness. There I was feeling out the team. I was trying to change a team that had been together for a long time, players that had a system, a consistent system that was very different.

    My thing is being a truth teller, holding guys accountable, no matter who it is


    A Raptors fan wet dream.

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    Bargnani and Calderon's collars just got a little tighter...


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      Nilanka wrote: View Post
      Bargnani and Calderon's collars just got a little tighter...
      Hopefully he walks the walk.


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        I remember the days with Kevin O'Neill. He looked like a mad scientist on the sidelines. I really liked him as a coach because at least he instilled a defensive philosophy that attributed to the Raptors being a marginally acceptable defensive team. But I remember the moans and groans about how boring and offensively challenge the team was. I think a lot had to do with the fact that VC was injured during that year (not sure if that was the case). But anyway, it's funny how things have changed since then. It's as if we've come around full circle and now is back to having a defensive minded head coach again. I just hope that this time around, we don't lose the adequate offensive we have now. I'm looking for DD to improve heavily in his offensive and his defense.
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