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How many rookies would be too many at this point in time for the Raptors rebuild?

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    SuperRaptor wrote: View Post
    Don't get me wrong I like having rookies on the team, but rookies need role models to follow. Who are our role models atm? Calderon (no defense) and Bargnani (ditto)? I'm just saying we need to create an environment for these rookies to prosper in, otherwise we can end up like the clippers. Just loading up with rookies and rebuilding is by no means guaranteed to be successful as a strategy.

    Add a nice pick in 2012 to JV and our existing core of youth, I think that is enough youth. Need to bring some roleplaying veteran glue guys, to shorten the learning curve for these kids.
    The question that was asked in the original post was if the Raptors should be looking to acquire another first round pick or was there a possibility that it could create a situation with "too many rookies"?

    I don't think anyone is advocating stripping the entire roster of players who are over the age of 25 and going exclusively with inexperienced guys. You are always going to have some veteran guys sprinkled in and the Raptors will be no different going forward. Some of those veterans may be starters, some of them may be role players and there's even a chance that some of them rock street clothes from time to time.

    The important thing is to find the right mix of personalities and to get the chemistry correct rather than getting wrapped up in the exact ratio of rookies to veterans.