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Assuming the deal is approved, what comes next?

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    Tim W. wrote: View Post
    Ultimately, you want young players to learn in a winning system, but in order to BECOME a winning system, the Raptors need that guy they can build around. It's a catch-22.

    As for Amir, I think a lot of knowledgeable fans don't underrate him. I put him on my keeper list, definitely. The most ridiculous excuse I've heard about trading away Amir is that he's easily replaceable. Because the NBA is full of 24 old, athletic big men that hustle, defend, rebound, score efficiently and have a good head on their shoulders? Really?
    Yes,that is true. I hope we can actually develop that guy. I hope we already have that guy in some of the names mentioned in my previous post. On every trades topic most people always tend to give up Amir as the first from our trio of PFs.And yes,if the league was full of such players every team would be stacked on the PF spot more than we are ...fortunately not the case.