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Toronto makes Battier's list of potential destinations

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  • Toronto makes Battier's list of potential destinations

    Word is raps are after him and he's considering it because of his relationship with asst coach Davis. I'd link to it but I'm on the can.

    Free agent forward Shane Battier has narrowed his list of prospective teams from more than the original dozen or so to a handful of teams, including his current team, the Memphis Grizzlies, Miami, Indiana and Toronto, according to a league source. The 33-year-old, whose defensive skills still are among the league’s best, has been one of the most sought-after free agents since teams were allowed to discuss contract parameters last Wednesday.

    The Heat would love to use Battier as a wing defender to help an already-strong defense get even better. The Raptors see Battier as a strong veteran presence for their young core, though they have been less willing than other teams to offer Battier a four-year deal. In addition, one of Toronto’s new assistant coaches, Johnny Davis, was on the Grizzlies’ bench last season, when Battier was re-acquired by the team that drafted him in 2001 from the Rockets.

    Battier is expected to make a decision in the next few days. Training camps are scheduled to open next Friday.
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    Just what the doctor ordered. He would be great starting or coming of the bench.


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      he'll go to miami given the chance i believe
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        Oh hey thanks whoever


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          Not sure why'd he choose Miami really; there won't be much playing time there at all and he doesn't strike me as a ring chaser. Never know though.

          I'm a bit torn as to whether I'd like to see him on the Raps. I love what he'd bring to the table, but a 4-year contract and the extra couple of wins he might bring would be tough to swallow.


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            The leadership and change in (defensive) culture would be well, well worth it.


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              he would fill the need for vet. leadership to set defencive tone.. but he doesnt address the rim protection issues.. wed need to get him for the right price..he does bring his lunchpale every game though..
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                I would love to see Battier in a Raptors uniform. We had a discussion about this in a different thread, and it appeared that the majority of posters were against it due to his age, and the lack of need in the next couple of years.

                However I believe Battier still has 4 good years left in his tank despite the fact that he's 33. He is exactly what the Raptors need on the floor to help change their culture to a defensive/gritty team. Battier's home town is in Michigan, not to far from Toronto - an added benefit if he decides to come here and play.

                I also don't see him adding too many wins to our total - he's not a game changer in that regards.

                The Raptors seem to only be interested in a 3 year contract though.. not sure if Battier would go for that. But if he came to Toronto he would probably be starting (unlike Miami or Indiana), and I'm not sure Memphis would pay him a lot to come back since they are going hard after Gasol. Sorry JJ.


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                  If the Raptors miss out on the ping pong ball that gets them the first pick in the draft, because they wanted to pay a 31 year old who will be well past his prime when the team needs him the most, I don't think it's worth it. Plus, I'd hate to see Battier finish his career on a rebuilding team. I really want to see him play on a contender, which he's never done. And in the end, I think that's what he's going to choose. Apparently San Antonio is also courting him. Is there ANYONE who is a Spur-type more than Battier?
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                    Money Talks

                    The only way he will come to Toronto is if we offer him significantly more money/years. Otherwise if the dollar amount on the contracts is close given the opportunity he would probably go with the better team. I would love to have him on the team though.
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                      I would like to see Battier in Toronto too but I don't think the Raptors will land him. I'm too lazy to try and find the article I was just reading, but he said he would like to go to a "contender." But you never know, a lot of what is said in the media during free agency is just to increase the dollar value of offers.
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                        I really wanted Battier in a Raptor uniform 5 years ago. Of course, Hakeem would have looked a lot better in a Raptor uniform 5 years before he actually donned one, too. And Mugsy Bogues, and Mark Jackson, and Dell Curry, and Shawn Marion, and Jermaine O'Neal, and Charles Oakley, and Alvin Robertson, and Jalen Rose, and Peja Stojakovic, and Rod Strickland, and Kevin Willis. Of course, on the other end, I would have liked them to have the later version of Marcus Camby, Tracy McGrady and Chauncey Billups.
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                          I somehow have a hard time believing he'd actually end up signing withe the Raps though. Maybe if we offer him a huge contract (all our cap space and round out with minimum salaries) since most contenders would only have the minimum or maybe a MLE offer to make. I just don't understand the upside from his perspective to sign with us.

                          Here's my SF wish list, and Battier is on it but I'm considering likelihood of playing here:

                          1. Tayshaun Prince: not getting a lot of hype. Almost as good a 4 position defender as Kirilenko. A better threat from deep. Veteran who already has a championship (so maybe nothing to prove by playing for peanuts on the end of bench for a contender) and might want to grow with another young team. If he is sort of overlooked on the market, I could see us making a play for him since other guys will be scooped up first.

                          2. Caron Butler: probably a long shot and would probably come here because other teams are lowballing him due to his recent injury. This guy is a real gamer though, plays hard and is a borderline all-star. Ideal situation would probably be he gets lowballed and takes a 2 year deal with an option for a 3rd or something to play with us for a bit more money than he would get elsewhere.

                          3. Andrei Kirilenko: A better stat stuffer than Prince but I've never been impressed with his offensive game. His shot should be better than it is at this point in his career. His hustle and D could be exactly what we need though. Energy level could be more valuable than what any other players bring to the table, but only if it rubs off on the team. People sometimes forget the most important part of playing good D is going all out physically. D is the most demanding part of the game. Other perks for Kirilenko: he might like a place with some winter, with some hockey, and with the same multicultural feel that draws many euros.

                          4. Shane Battier: Again, kind of shocked we might be on his short list and I can only assume we'd be offering him at least 6-7 mil a year for him to consider us. Every single contender is going to call him to at least offer a minimum contract (he'd look good on anyone's team) and some teams are bound to make comparable offers to Toronto's. Would love to land him, and he might even be at the top of my list if I didn't think it was just hugely unlikely.

                          5. Grant Hill: The other dream after Battier. Would bring many of the same qualities but a slightly different skill set. Like Battier though, I find it hard to believe we'd have what he's looking for in his next team.

                          B-list(in no particular order):

                          -Lub Richard Mbah a Moute: Guy flat out hustls and can guard both forward spots decently. Might be interesting as an option but I fear he's just a bit too much like James Johnson without some of the skills (handle, passing).

                          -Al Thornton: pretty decent player. Not sure he's got anymore upside though. Hasn't been around long enough to bring veteran leadership.

                          -Mo Evans: No idea where he will end up. Wouldn't expect him to bring much to the games but has been on winning teams and may be capable of being a veteran presence in the locker room.

                          -Chris Douglas-Roberts: Big time athlete who might still be able to raise his game. Pretty young though and not sure we need another young player on the wing, especially if he's not likely to ever be more than a role player.

                          -DeShawn Stevenson: I know, he's a SG, but if no SF is available for our needs, he is an aggressive defender, knows Casey's system and who knows if Dallas will re-sign him with the free agents they have. He might find it appealing in Toronto with Casey and an assured role.


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                            Tim W. wrote: View Post
                            If the Raptors miss out on the ping pong ball that gets them the first pick in the draft, because they wanted to pay a 31 year old who will be well past his prime when the team needs him the most, I don't think it's worth it.
                            We know, we know.

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                              I think you'd only want to sign Battier if you've made up you mind on JJ, and you're going to transition out of the rebuild. Otherwise I think it makes more sense to give our younger guys more playing time and development time. Of course intangibles such as leadership and mentoring are second to none with Battier, I think we can fill this role with a cheaper short-term contract for the time being. Any chance he'd like to come off the bench?
                              Welp, that sucked.