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SLAM proposes Raptor trade that "should" happen...

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    actually, i'm of the belief that if we trade Bargani now. we will be shittier get a high draft pick ofr next season and he will be an afterthought sooner rather than later.

    but, to focus on this season, you get more playing time for Davis,Amir,Alabi,Ajinca,Dorsey and you get a much clearer judgement of their progression and current talent as well as a projection for how long it will take for them to reach the next level if at all.

    Ellis I could care less about, since he'll probably be a rental and he's not going to hurt the development of anyone of major value on the raps. You play him at the point and see how it works out.

    I see no problem with this deal from a raptors perspective besides giving up POTENTIALLY 2 good players. Which normally i'd be upset about.But, seeing how deep a draft it is and the potential deep FA class of next summer it's a more manageable risk.

    WE may have to suffer through a few more miserable years rather than bad or mediocre.But, if we stick to the plan I imagine we will see a quick rise to contendership.
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      Apollo wrote: View Post
      You must post links with articles.
      Sorry i was in a rush earlier.. I usually post links. I just forgot to this time. Won't happen again boss.
      We all make mistakes... Tanking is not the answer.. This squad can ball! Let it roll!!