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Casey starts training camp off on the right foot

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  • Casey starts training camp off on the right foot

    Casey said he pressed a couple of assistant coaches into action for some drills as the Raptors focused entirely on defence.

    “We did not do one offensive drill — guys doing the free throws is probably the only thing offensively they’ve done,” said the coach. “We’ve got to set that tone. The No. 1 thing we talked about is changing the culture.

    “In any program, you want to develop a culture of toughness, of accountability and today I would venture to say we started that process.”

    The Raptors, who did officially sign Toronto native Jamaal Magloire on Friday, will be focused solely on defence for the first few days of camp.

    “The No. 1 thing is we know where our weakness is and what we have to work on is no surprise,” said Casey. “It’s on the defensive end. It’s why I’m very comfortable and very confident that I know what we need to do.”

    Music to my ears.

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    Matt52 wrote: View Post

    Music to my ears.
    I subscribe to Raptors TV and there's that intermission video clip of the team practising defence with Calderon flailing his arms like a gorilla while the meek Alex English stood expressionless as always in the background. I'm hoping Casey's drill are much more different than that.
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