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Aaron Gray as our starting Center

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    Hugmenot wrote: View Post
    If you're the defense, would you want the ball in someone else's hands if the other players on the court were Aaron Gray, Ed Davis, James Johnson, and Jose Calderon?

    I say yes but if you have a different opinion, I'd like to hear your rationale.
    In theory, yes. I agree with the logic. DeRozan is the best scorer in this hypothetical unit. But unless he's posting up, it wouldn't be wise to send a 2nd defender at him because he plays on the wing. He would see the double-team coming well before the 2nd defender arrives. It's much easier to pass out of a double team on the wing, than in the post. It's why you don't see many teams do it unless a guy like Kobe's scored 20 pts in a quarter, and they're desperate to cool him down by making him give up the ball.

    If I were defending this lineup, I would think DeRozan taking contested shots would be better than anyone else taking wide open shots.