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Indiana Pacers: Wednesday, December 28

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    [QUOTE=Matt52;107041]To anyone who has followed the Raptors the last few years the idea of Casey winning coach of the year is not so absurd (at least to me) anymore.

    I don't care Bayless shot 5/9, he didn't play how I would like my PG to play and I am not sure he has it in him to do so. 64 games to prove me wrong, Jerryd.
    I have been a supporter but he needs to stop drinking caffeine or something. He looks like he is a scatterbrain with blinders out there, and that is definitely not a PG play.

    James Johnson: 6 points, 8 rebs, 6 stls, 2 blks, 1 to, 5 fouls, 29 minutes. I hope he stays a part of the Raptors as long as possible. He and eventually Amir will be great coming off the bench.
    100% agree. His contributions are beyond stats, but 6 stls! Very solid bench wing.

    I admit I was 100% wrong on Jamaal Magloire. He has added toughness and a presence I'm not sure the Raptors have had since Oakley.... too bad his bball skills are on life support.
    And you guys were beating on me for wanting him here and being happy with his signing.


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      Maleko wrote: View Post
      And you guys were beating on me for wanting him here and being happy with his signing.
      Sorry, Maleko. Years of neglect to the national team, memories of discontent, and a pessimistic view towards his leadership talk had me questioning the signing. I hope the bumps, bruises, and welts have healed.


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        I enjoyed this game more than the win against Cleveland. The one thing we desperately need is a finisher though. Every good team has one. The one guy (or two) that can help ice or steal a game. Miami was about to lose to Charlotte but they have 2 finishers that can get it done (and Wade in my opinion is better than Lebron at that).

        Derozan showed flashes that he can be the man, but he still has a ways to go. I hope he gets the ball in his hands if the game is on the line, just to show what he has. Hopefully the guy we draft next year becomes an option as well. It is much easier to be a finisher if you are a wing then a big, because when the game is on the line you need the ball in your hands, and its not always easy to get the ball to a big when there are only a few seconds left.

        I think we will lose a lot of close games. I'm okay with that, but without a true stud that is a game changer, it will be very difficult unless Toronto has a big lead going into the fourth.