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Respect - Orlando, January 1st

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    Agree with everything else you said, but this is a key point. Davis has seemed a little lost the last few games. I can't really say why. Maybe he isn't getting enough minutes or maybe he is focusing on some other stuff Casey has asked him to do but it has hurt his game in the short term. Not to say it won't improve his game overall. Have to trust Casey on this.
    If I could speculate, I think that this may be in line with Casey's pecking order system on offense. This is his second year and I think that Casey is asking him to do certain things before her gets rewarded with touches and plays specifically run for him. I too was scratching my head until Casey went on tv to explain his offensive mindset. Considering Ed's skill set, he should be scoring more but I think Casey's putting him through the paces at the moment. Also, Barbosa and Bayless with him in the second unit isn't going to necessarily benefit his offensive game. Those two run around too much, dribble too much for Ed to establish himself down low without getting a 3 second violation called against him. A set pace with Calderon is what he'll need but Ed's gotta earn his stripes on offense.
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      At first i was irked with the officiating and the apparent collapse, but then i realized, thats ok, coz theyre still on the right path to getting a higher draft pick next year.

      i think it was mostly lack of effort, thats why they lost. I think Bargnani played a hell of a game. Thats why he was so fatigued, he kept rushing up on everybody during defense. I dont blame him for Anderson's threes, i saw him trying to close the paint thats why Anderson was able to step to the 3pt line, somebody else shouldve switched on Anderson. Its pretty much the same way Bargnani gets his 3s.

      Im really surprised with Demars play so far, suprised in a non-pleasant way. With all the offseason work he was talking about, im really not seeing it so far this season. i guess my expectations are a bit too high, but the way he hyped up his offseason workouts, i was expecting him to be a 20/4/4 player, but i aint seeing it. He's been aggressive late in games, but he should be aggressive from start to finish.