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Boston Globe: Colangelo on a mission to rebuild the Raptors

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    I wish Colangelo would stop his media tour de force and show a little humility considering the decisions that made us a bottom five team in the league all fall at his feet.

    I've seen so many press articles and quotes from him over the last few months where he talks about his "vision" and I can't help but be annoyed considering he had no choice but to rebuild after running the team into the dirt. Yes it's true that they've got some nice pieces in place and if a couple of things go their way then they have a chance to be pretty good relatively soon but those things are far from guarantees. We have to knock our 2012 draft pick out of the park and then lure a top free agent to Toronto the same summer and neither of those things are exactly locks so I'd hold off on patting myself on the back until then if I were BC. Hell, we haven't even seen JV play a single second in the NBA yet and he's already accepting the congratulations for a great pick.

    If he insists on doing these interviews then he might as well tell the truth. He reiterated for years that Chris Bosh was a franchise type player and that they were committed to keeping him in Toronto with a max deal. If Colangelo had his way, Bosh would still be here and we'd be the same middle of the pack team in the East. It's also worth noting that one of the two first rounders the Raps got from Miami in the Bosh deal was just their own pick back after they had to include it in the deal to get Jermaine O'Neal out of town... which of course was one of BC's notable string of offseason splashes only a few months before.

    Overall I think he's getting a little ahead of himself seeing as the only part of the rebuild he's actually accomplished so far is where the team bottoms out. I can understand he's excited/proud of the potential in Toronto but considering how the last few years have gone I'd rather he be a little more humble.
    Hit the nail directly on the head. Exactly.

    BC needs to shut up regarding Bosh, too. Yes he wasnt what we all hoped he was but you surely could have gotten a better haul than a late first round pick and some TPE. C'mon man. Rockets were practically foaming at the mouth for him. Get over it, you fucked up. The more he brings it up the less douchey Bosh looks and I simply won't have that.