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Philadelphia 76ers: January 7

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    We need Jay Triano, back as our offensive co-ordinator, this team has forgot how to get to the line and get offensive rebounds..
    Jay Triano used its lack of defense to play a very fast offensive set that made it hard for the other team to hunker down and defend the rim. It's hard a strategy to play when you play a half court game on every set. Also most of those offensive rebounds came from Reggie who we no longer have. Just bringing in Jay will not do anything. The team is just lacking star players. If we got a star player then a half court game can be played efficiently. Jay probably had no faith in his team so probably decided to give up on defense so that they can score quickly, and win that way (they did win 27% of their games last year, which is pretty good with the roster they had).

    I prefer the current style of play to be honest. It's boring, but it helps develop better overall skills, in my opinion.


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      we need quicker players with better handling skills. our wing players cannot handle the ball for shit, especially derozan and butler.