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Amnesty Clause Scared Bargs straight

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  • Amnesty Clause Scared Bargs straight

    Dont attribute Bargs sudden improvement of play to him being moved over to PF.

    ... and yes it is so much better than before. The guy actually cares and hustles out there something we all knew he could do, but would not.

    Thank the Amnest clause - I know people dont believe it but Bargs was on a short list of players in Toronto to be dumped, in a different year and a different phase of rebuilding he may have been.
    Andrea Bargnani (42 mill over 4 years)
    11-12 $9,000,000
    12-13 $10,000,000
    13-14 $11,000,000
    14-15 $12,000,000

    Bargs must have read the numerous articles over the summer which ripped him and the ROI of his salary. Bargnani is the second most overpaid player in the league. Nestled between Michael Redd and Yao Ming
    If I were BC I would hang on to amnesty until next summer to keep him honest, and I would still try and move him for a true center or PG - Ed Davis is a true PF and will flourish if given minutes with 1/8th the salary... I like Bargs play of late but I remain sceptical .... lets see how it pans out.
    "I may be wrong ... but I doubt it"