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AK47 on the radar for this summer (post #16)

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    Apollo wrote: View Post
    Well the most he can get is four years and if someone wants to give him that then I'm sure(or hope) it won't the Raptors because it doesn't jive with the current gameplan.
    He might do a David West type deal: lower years (2) for higher money ($10M per).


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      I'd be down for that if the Raptors have the cap space and it looks like they'll have sufficient depth. Better to spend it on one high impact player rather than two hit or miss players who will be fighting for minutes against a bunch of other hit or miss players and who can't be depended on consistently to make stops and contribute something at the other end or on the fast break.


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          Don't you think Toronto would have to overpay a guy like Kirilenko?

          For all the reasons spelled out as rationale to bring him here, he'll also be appealing to championship contenders. Given his age, I have to imagine coming off the bench as the key 6th man on a playoff team would be more palatable than coming to Toronto to set an example for 2 years and hold the SF spot for a younger player? If he's going to give a discount to anyone, surely it would not be a bottom-5 team.

          I really am not interested, personally. 7-8M in cap space could be better spent elsewhere, IMO, on a team that is still going to be "building" toward playoff contention.
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            He's only 30. These pro athletes have big egos and I'm sure AK doesn't think his career is anywhere near one foot in the grave.

            As a city Toronto should be more appealing than most American cities.

            From a coaching perspective, he'd have a head coach which would appreciate him more than most coaches around the league given Casey's main focus.


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              History tends to repeat itself. AK is not the guy the Raptors need because he ain't coming here for 7 million, he would want Turkoglu like money and a long contract and like Turkoglu it won't end well.

              Plus he looks like a James Bond villian.