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Has Casey been the best new head coach hiring so far this season?

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  • Has Casey been the best new head coach hiring so far this season?

    The title says it all. Please answer the poll and discuss.
    M. Brown

    The poll is expired.

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    I chose DC but I'm a little biased as a Raptors fan.

    Adelman would be my next choice but Rambis was awful and they have had some nice additions in addition to Love continuing to put up the crazy numbers he is known for.

    Ask in a couple of months and the answer might very well be Adelman.

    As an aside, the biggest disappointment, for me, has been Marc Jackson. One could say Kevin McHale but it is Kevin McHale afterall.


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      Of course id vote for Casey coz he basically did what he said he would do. Mind you guys, the Raps have never let an opponent reach the 100 mark so far this season.

      But i think Mike Brown deserves a lot of credit. He changed the team system from the triangle offense and still managed to get the Lakers a third seed ATM. Considering both Kobe and Gasol are old and being slowed down by injuries, theyre hanging tough with the 2 youngest teams in the west, OKC and Portland.


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        I voted Mike Brown.
        He had ALOT of pressure on him to come in a win right away.
        Having lost Odom and changing all these guys back to a standard Offense and stilll managing to win consistently.


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          Its a tough call.

          Mike Brown has huge shoes to fill and probably the most intense pressure to perform of any new head coach. I realise that with Kobe/Gasol/Bynum on your team, you will never be too bad, and the Lakers have performed pretty good so far, at least on home court. If the Lakers win 45 games and reach the conference finals I think Mike Brown will be the best new coach hiring.

          Adelman was a solid signing for sure as was Lawrence Frank.

          McHale was a head scratcher. Is Houston trying to tank for a high draft pick?

          But by far the worst signing was Mark Jackson. Why would Golden State make such a risky choice, and choose a guy with no experience when there were some talented coaches on the market at the time? Bizarre.

          Which team does Smart coach?
          Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.


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            Like a few others I voted Casey, but Mike Brown was a very good hire that was questioned but is showing a good solidification of the D in LA and they are still in transition to the system. Add to that they lost depth with Odom, and have a ridiculous fill at PG.


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              Mike Brown.. seriously ? You don't even need a coach at all if you have LeBron or Kobe... Try to win with Bargnani... Dwane Casey hands down.


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                Season is really young but with only 7-8 games played you have to go with Casey. The defensive effort put in by the Raptors (and especially Bargnani) with hardly any training camp is a testament to what Casey has done. He gets my vote.
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                  I chose not to vote for any of them, lol.

                  All have done some good things, but nothing worth turning heads. We're not talking about COY candidates just yet.

                  As for Casey, maybe I'm playing the glass-is-half-empty game, but I think the improvements we're seeing compared to last year, speaks just as much about Triano's incompetence, as it does Casey's brilliance.


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                    Quote of the day, Casey reply to a following game vs Indiana "There's a lot of sharks who are waiting for us, they smell blood in the water", let's eat those sharks


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                      It's still really early, but so far I would say it's between DC and Adelman. I wouldn't rule Jackson out as yet because the Warriors have faced some really good teams so far and have a victory over both the Bulls and Heat. The Raptors and Timberwolves have faced pretty weak competition in comparison. We really won't know what Brown has contributed to the Lakers until the playoffs because they're are such a good team already.

                      Ah what the hell lets go with Casey!


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                        Big coach Casey fan and all that but the offense has been abysmal and that's all on the plays. He NEEDS a "offensive coordinator" so he can focus on what he does best.


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                          RaptorDan wrote: View Post
                          Which team does Smart coach?
                          The team we just lost to.


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                            Casey (to me atleast) has done the absolute most out of all of these coaches, with the least amount of personel.
                            The man deserves props. Tough job to coach a team with little depth and no superstar, but unlike many other Raptor coaches, he knows he needs to make little steps that will take this team far in the long run, and it all starts on the defensive end.


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                              ceez wrote: View Post
                              Big coach Casey fan and all that but the offense has been abysmal and that's all on the plays. He NEEDS a "offensive coordinator" so he can focus on what he does best.
                              I completely disagree. First of all: they should spent most of their time focusing on defense now. We can't except everything to go a lot better from the start. Secondly: I've seen things on offense that I like, mainly getting Bargnani in better positions and making him make better judgement on the offensive side. I think a lot of this has been accomplished really quickly!

                              Right now Casey wants to slow the game down to improve the offense. I think that's a good tactic in a learning period. Once the fundamentals are there, the team should be more capable of pushing the ball more when it's possible and getting more opportunities on the offensive end; at the moment that would result too often in counter opportunities where we cannot set up a good defense.

                              I also wonder what people are expecting; if we would be better on the offensive end, we would be a .500 ball club and that's expecting too much too much in my opinion. It's not just running a better offense, it's the talent we got on the floor.