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Smith: Reasons Why They Dumped Douby

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  • Smith: Reasons Why They Dumped Douby

    Courtesy of Doug Smith:

    The move might save them about $600,000, which isn’t a lot of cake on a team with a payroll of about $67 million but it does get them further below the tax level and that can’t hurt if they want to do something later on in the year.

    And, because they sent money out in a couple of summer time moves, money that doesn’t count against the tax but money that comes out of Bryan’s overall budget, more than half a million in savings won’t be sneezed at by the higher-ups who have the key to the Maple Leaf Sports money-printing machine.

    Also, if creates some roster flexibility because Toronto’s now at 14 players and if Bryan ever wanted to do a one-for-two deal or simply add a body if, say, injuries pop up, he can.

    But, I warn you of this: I have it on serious authority that there are no moves planned at the moment. They didn’t do this so they could go and get a specific guy right away (and that means all you ‘go get Allen Iverson’ zanies can stand down), they did it for future possibilities.

    Now, Quincy is a very nice, quiet young man that the coaches loved and wanted to keep but Bryan won this discussion. And it may pay off down the road.
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