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Congrats Alex English!

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  • Congrats Alex English!

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The Sacramento Kings have hired NBA Hall of Famer Alex English as an assistant coach.

    Coach Keith Smart said in a statement announcing the hiring Friday that having a former elite player on the staff will be especially good for the current players.

    English comes to the Kings after spending seven seasons as an assistant coach and director of player development with the Toronto Raptors.

    The eight-time All-Star is the NBA's 13th all-time leading scorer with 25,613 points. A second-round selection by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1976, he also played for Indiana, Denver and Dallas. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1997.


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    i got to be honest i never realized he left. i thought he was still with the team.
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      I'm happy for him. He'll be the head coach of a team some day.


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        I heard he was coaching out in the Philippines. That was tough to hear. I'm glad he's found a job in the NBA.

        Hopefully Alex gets the chance to become head coach one day. He might with Sacramento if Cousins some how is able to get Smart fired.


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          NBA 2K12 has him as the Lead Assistant with the Raps.
          Found that comical.

          Good for him though. The man knows far too much about basketball too not be teaching.


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            NBA 2K12 is bull crap, they update the rosters like a month after a trade happens. I liked EA NBA games better


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              NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
              NBA 2K12 is bull crap, they update the rosters like a month after a trade happens. I liked EA NBA games better
              EA basketball is dreadfull.. always has been..while the rosters may not update as fast as u think it should on 2k12. its hands down the best basketball ever made..Period!! by the way all my rosters seem complete as of today..LOL


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                no it isn't 2K is overrated and it has wayy too many glitches. EA might not have good graphics but they we're up to date on everything and they had better music and game features. They will be releasing NBA Live/Elite 13 next season thats what im getting.


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                  Not to continue the hijack of this thread, but whats with all my rookies in 2K12 having REALLY dark arms? So dumb.
                  2K12 is good, (and I haven't played an EA basketball since '06) but 2K12 is pretty damn frustrating in some of the decisions they've made. They are worst for changing small things year to year that have no business being changed (the instant replay controls change EVERY year. Its ridiculous.) And 2k12 is REALLY inconsistent with their rating of players as well. Kawhi Leonard had a 71 rating and Bargs had a 68 or something ridiculous like that. I find myself changing most players Rates in order to suit what I believe to be reality.
                  I play 2K12 because its the only game I trust, but if there was a truly equivalent/better option, I'd be all over it. Not sure if Elite is that yet.
                  Rant over.

                  And to bring it back around...
                  Congrats Alex English on your Hiring!!


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                    I can genuinely say that I'm happy for him.


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                      Wish he were still around to work with Ed... He did wonders for Amir, ):

                      Still, can't be anything but happy for the guy! He did toronto a great service!
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                        I also thought A-English was still on the Raptors coaching staff. But I saw was Casey's lead assistance? (smiley face??) Anyway, congrats Alex, he will be a head coach some day.
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