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So...who exactly is going to be our saviour in the 2012 draft again?

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  • So...who exactly is going to be our saviour in the 2012 draft again?

    Most Raptor fans seem to be resigned to the idea that we must suffer through this year to draft our star player of the future. You know, the one that will do all the things Bargnani and Derozan can't. If you are building a championship team, I believe Bargnani could be a legit second option and Derozan probably no better than the third option. So this leaves us waiting for that alpha male scoring wing with that killer instinct we have been missing since Wince left us.

    Well, over the past couple months I have been scouring the mock drafts and I really can't see anyone in the top 10 that would fit that description. If PG is one of our most pressing needs then you can forget about drafting a top tier point guard. The top rated point guards are projected to go around the 15th spot and none of them are anything you would describe as a sure thing. SF is an an even more pressing position as evidenced by the corpse of Rasual Butler starting for us and even at that position there are no promises. Harrison Barnes seems to be the favourite of most Raptor fans and I love his game but does anyone see that killer instinct in him? The scouts certainly don't as he is described more as a Sean Elliot type than a Dwayne Wade. So are we sure he is going to all that much better than Derozan? I have no doubt he would be a nice piece to add to this puzzle but is he going to be anything more than a second or third option on a championship team? MKG, Terrence Jones and Perry Jones are other small forwards that all fall into this same category.

    I am all for adding another young asset but the idea of tanking to grab a player that we have been missing is a faulty one at best. Some of these players but turn out to be all-stars and most of them will be at least solid contributors to their respective teams but I do not see any of them being in the top tier franchise player level. I say it is more important to try to build a winning culture here and draft wherever fate leaves us as the top 15 are all solid and there isn't much of a gap after Drummond and Davis come off the board. Now, you could talk me into drafting Drummond or Davis and then trading away one of our bigs for a wing but I doubt we will be bad enough and/or lucky enough to be in one of the top two spots.