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    It took getting the boot from TO to show Kris that he needed to focus on rebounding and hustling more than trying to be an offensive weapon. I loved the guy, but he was a classic case of a guy not knowing his role and trying to do too much at the expensive of his team. Finally gets it..


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      Frankthetank wrote: View Post
      I like Amir but we basically gave up on Chris Kardashin. The raps would probably be a better team with Hump.
      Its the other way round. Hump would have been better off in Toronto.

      They put up similar numbers but Amir is better because of his work ethic, age and contract.


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        The best comparison to the Humphries we had was Andray Blatche, who I am sure is available if anybody in the league wants him. Blatche had one game last year with 16 offensive rebounds, but is too good for the dirty work. Best left dribbling the ball off his foot, and jacking up 20 foot, off-balance, off the dribble, fade-away's.