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    Why do you think other teams will be so willing to give up draft picks in a deep draft for the players we want to jettison? DeMar DeRozan isn't better than any of the players projected to go in the Top 5 (he isn't even better than anyone in the Top 10), Ed Davis wouldn't fetch you a lottery pick with the way he's been playing, Barbosa's contract expires this summer and which team is going to take on Calderon's $10M salary? Expiring or not.

    We're not even a quarter way through the season yet. How about we watch em play out the year then see what we've got.

    I'll never understand why you guys think that NBA teams are run like your Fantasy Basketball teams on Yahoo!


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      derozan + bargnani + cap space for: a top 10 pick, use it to grab lamb, leaving us with a roster of:

      C:Valanciunas,off season signing
      PF:Ed Davis, Amir
      SF:Quincy Miller,J. Johnson and Kleiza (3rd string depends on who is better next year, kleiza or johnson)
      SG:Lamb,Sonny Weemsas
      PG:Calderon.....for now,we can probably start attracting bigger names once we start winning.

      clear centre piece in lamb, depth is not there, but core is well established.

      EXTREMELY young team, but in my opinion: filled with talented, high IQ players.

      edit:scratch kleiza off the list,amnesty his ass, last year I seem to remember players forming "cliques", and kleiza being cool with the americans, and jose and bargnani doing their own thing. this year with casey at the helm it is a non issue.
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        Who the heck is giving up all of these top 15 picks for our guys? How many rookies do we want on one team? The OP is silly. In reality, you can't trade a ten million dollar contract like Jose and get back just a top 15 pick. You have to take into account salaries.

        It is an interesting question, though, even if the OP didn't answer it very well. Here are my thoughts:

        Core (keep, don't trade unless something huge and very unlikely comes along):
        Jonas Valanciunas

        Foundations (I think they will be better pieces for the Raptors than anything we could get for them):
        Demar DeRozan -- he's had a few tough games, but I think over time he will be a solid 2.
        Jose Calderon -- 30 is not all that old. He is potentially a valuable trade piece, but his absence would leave a hole, and his contract lowers what we could expect to get for him. I think he'll be useful for 2 more years, and then his contract expires. Potential amnesty candidate.
        Ed Davis: I think he has a higher ceiling than Amir, once he learns how to play defence better and develops his range and post moves. But see below.
        James Johnson: I think we can't get much for him and he fits our roster pretty well.
        Linas Kleiza: He is potential amnesty candidate if we need the money for a big move. Otherwise there's no reason to move him: he has low value and plays a position of need. I maybe see him getting shipped out if we land a free agent SF, however.

        Amir Johnson: Not because I don't like him: I think he's great. But I do think that it is a bit silly to have him and ed Davis in the same rotation, along with Andrea and Jonas. I think we should trade one of them: really, either one is fine. Not right away, but in the offseason. What I want to see is us to get a really solid SF.between a fair amount of free agent money, and assets like Amir, I think we should be able to make something happen. Alternatively, we could use a backup true centre for Valanciunas, or a legit younger point guard. We need any of those things more than Amir, I think.
        Barbosa: Getting older, can help a playoff team, expiring contract. I wouldn't be surprised, however, to see him just stay here and have is contract expire. If he gets moved, it will be for a worse player also on an expiring contract, plus a pick, I would expect.
        Bayless: I'm sorry, I just don't think he's an NBA guard. Raptors offense is brutal when he's running things. Hopefully he'll prove me wrong when he comes back. He has a cheap expiring contract, so he could be moved pretty easily, possible for a late first round pick.
        Rasual Butler, Solomon Alabi, Anthony Carter, Jamaal Magloire, Aaron gray: See ya!


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          Looking into 2012/2013 there are only a few names I would essentially want to keep: JV, first round pick (hopefully Davis), Demar and Amir.

          But to be honest every current player on our team (except JV/Pick) is expendable for the right price. f we can become a better team by trading any of the other guys on our team then I'm all for it. The hardest to trade in my opinion would be Amir since he's such a work horse, has a reasonable salary, and is still very young.

          I don't believe we should be using the amnesty on anyone including Kleiza - who's still young and can be a solid rotational piece off the bench to provide some scoring.


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            Current thinking Keep:

            Bargnani - (assuming this effort we are seeing stays) would NOT have seen me say this in previous years...was not even on the fence before.
            Amir - (energy, huge motor, intangibles, value contract)
            Jose - (unless we can secure a seriously solid PG)
            JJ - not here for his offence, still some learning to do, still some errors on D, but I like him off the bench. Not a starter, not gonna be one.

            On the Fence:
            Demar: I like Demar, current issues aside. On the fence for me as his lack of 'fire' or energy is exactly what I hated about Bargnani's game previously. On the flip side he could secure some value in return. I wouldn't call anybody to shop him, but I would listen to what is offered for him.
            ED - I like the kid, and think he will develop into a solid big man, not stellar, but could probably get some value in return
            Kleiza - could potentially be a role player moving forward, depends upon what happens in the draft/free agency.

            Barbosa - unless BC is thinking to try to keep LB here for cheaper longer term, he is gone to Brazil for good $ or a playoff team for a chance, better to turn him into SOMETHING like a pick or potential if a team is trying to make a push and can be swayed.
            Bayless - to China for some noodles.

            Doesn't matter/won't affect the roster or bottom line cap:
            Alabi - cheap to keep, may develop or not, depends on the true FA, draft and trade aquisitions in the coming months/off-season.
            Forbes - cheap. meh.
            Gray - a 1yr rental, but could be a cheap asset in the future.
            Carter, Magloire, Butler are all 1yr rentals so no time wasted on their future fate.

            EDIT: sorry would only use amnesty on any player if we need the $ to sign a star FA.
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