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Worst move in the last 5 years???

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  • Worst move in the last 5 years???

    What was the work trade they made if you look back on it now??

    These are my top 2:

    1)O'Neal and the 41st pick in the draft to the Raptors for Hibbert, T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and Maceo Baston.
    2)Shawn Marion and Kris Humphries, center Nathan Jawai and cash to the Dallas Mavericks for guard Antoine Wright and forward Devean George; traded cash to the Orlando Magic for Turkoglu.

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    You can't throw Hibbert in there because you don't know that the Raptors would have selected him to begin with.

    I don't remember anybody crying a river over Hump getting traded. Nobody really cared.


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      you can throw hibbert in there because he was drafted prior to the trade. therefore if thetrade
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        LBF wrote: View Post
        you can throw hibbert in there because he was drafted prior to the trade. therefore if thetrade
        I don't think he was the Raptors' pick though, I think we picked for the Pacers.
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          we were lip service to indiana selecting hibbert. if we had kept the pick it might not have been him we chose.

          i'm going with signing kapanono and not taking the rockets offer on bosh in his final year. scola is nice


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            LBF wrote: View Post
            you can throw hibbert in there because he was drafted prior to the trade. therefore if thetrade
            The deal had already been reported prior to the draft so the pick was made for the Pacers even though it technically still had our name on it on draft night.

            Nevertheless it was still a horrible deal for the Raptors, and it was made even worse when O'Neal was so putrid in Toronto that they had to send him and a first round pick to the Heat half way through the season for a 3 month Shawn Marion rental.

            Marion's contract came off the books that June and what did we use the cap space for? Hedo Turkoglu.

            One summer later, JO's contract would expire in Miami and what did they use their cap space on? That's right, signing Chris Bosh.

            Go Colangelo Go.


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              Dunno if this counts, but not dealing Bosh. Recently he said they weren't offered what they thought he was worth but I'm sure it was more than a late round pick and the trade exemption. Rockets were offering the shirt off Morey's back.

              And don't give me that "he never said he was going" bullshit. We all knew.


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                  sorry meant +1 to ceez comment on not dealing Bosh. We all knew he was going. Look what Denver did getting rid of Melo and actually getting more pieces that add up to a better team


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                    The initial JO trade was definitely a swing for the fences type move cashing in 3 quality trade chips (TJ, Rasho expiring and a decent 1st round pick). Although I don't agree with the move and didn't like it at the time I understood why BC did it (Huge risk/huge reward).

                    The trade that I feel was the worst was the JO, Moon and 1st rounder for Marion and Banks. BC dumped JO's insane contract rather then cashing in on it. If he would have help on to him for the remainder of that season the offers he would have received would have been way more attractive. Anyone who wanted a shot at LBJ, Wade, Bosh, Joe Johnson, Amare, Dirk, Boozer and several others would have been bidding for that massive expiring. Instead Mr. Riley stole it with a pick a year prior with a savvy move. This one to be was way to premature and the one I think hurt the franchise the most IMO.


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                      There's a lot. Jermaine O'Neal is up there. Drafting Bargnani (is that outside 5 years now?). Signing Turkoglu. Having Bosh walk for nothing. The enormous Calderon contract. The silly reactionary signing of Jason Kapono. Hiring Jay Triano. Drafting Derozan at #9 is starting to look like a mistake. Extending Colangelo and his management team.

                      In the end, that last one will probably be the biggest mistake as it will set the organization back another 5-6 years or more.


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                        It is great that we all get to judge these decisions with the clarity of time to prove us right.
                        You can say what you want but EVERYONE was jacked when we found out that the team had stolen Turk away from Portland in a bizarre sign and trade deal that didn't affect our cap space. He was THE free agent signing of the year. Easy to look back and say he played crap here and he did. But you guys seem to conveniently forget about the excitement that many felt before the outcomes of some of these deals were brought to light. Look at JV this forum lit up with kill BC not another soft Euro etc. talk for days until a few of you actually did a little research to find out that he is a player and a great prospect. And now that the league GM's have pronounced him the best prospect in last years draft everyone is jacked about him too. Until.........then it's I always thought that was a bad decision.


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                            Ironically, many of BC's worst moves all stem from a terrible lottery draft pick - Charlie Villanueva! And yes, I know that it wasn't actually BC who drafted Charlie V.

                            Move 1: drafting Charlie V @ #7, a PF who plays like a SG
                            Move 2: trading Charlie V for TJ Ford, the first of several shoot-first PG
                            Move 3: trading TJ Ford for an injured, overpaid Jermaine O'Neal, to take playing time away from the young stars (Bosh & Bargnani)
                            Move 4: trading O'Neal + 1st round pick for Marion
                            Move 5: trading Marion (the hustle/rebounding/defending SF the team had needed since McGrady left), for Turkoglu
                            Move 6: traded Turkoglu for Barbosa
                            Move 7: TBD???

                            How ironic it would be, if Barbosa is traded for a draft pick... the Raptors would have come full-circle and it only would have taken 7 years, 2 rebuilds and 1 building...

                            At least BC is able to admit failed moves (whether bad moves or good moves that just don't succeed) and attempt to correct them. A lot of GMs are too proud to do that.

                            For the record, I thought trading for O'Neal and trading for Turkoglu were bad trades, as I thought both of them would fit poorly with the young team being assembled and were grossly overpaid, which would severely limit roster flexibility.

                            Hopefully we trade Barbosa and Bayless (yet another shoot-first PG) and net out with another first round pick... and hopefully the 2 first-round picks wind up better than they did back in 2005 (Villanueva & Joey Graham)!!!


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                              If I remember correctly, Raptors were interested in Robin Lopez. I think his worst decision was signing Turkoglu & Kapono to ridiculous contracts. Drafting Bargnani was not the worst move by far, if you look at the draft options: Lamarcus Aldridge (Coin toss IMO), Rudy Gay (would've been nice), Brandon Roy (A lot of GM's were concerned about his injury and look how that turned out), Rajon Rondo (Seriously, who knew he was going to be this good?). In hindsight Andrea Bargnani was a great pick, so let's put this to bed and stop debating whether he was worth being 1st Overall Pick.
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