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Who should start for Andrea Bargnani?

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    If Ed Davis starts with Aaron Gray the spacing is going to be terrible. Denver would just glog up the pain. We can't afford to let are offensive start up slow again like the last couple of games!


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      I think you will see Ed Davis start for Bargnani, but Linas Kleiza will play the majority of the minutes, because as we all know this team struggles to score without Il Mago on the floor. Kleiza is more offensive than Davis.
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        If it's based on recent play, I'd say you start Kleiza and Gray at the big spots as they have performed the best recently. Kleiza might give us some offense which that unit will need desperately, plus he does a lot of what Andrea does in terms of playing inside out and spreading the floor, just without the 7 footerness so you could run similar plays. That said, I think the bulk of the minutes will be given out based on match ups. Any team that has a big powerful 4, like a Blake Griffin or Kevin Love, will be too much for Kleiza and Amir should get the most minutes. Ed should stay on the bench playing spot minutes until he shows that he is capable of playing at the NBA level.

        Even when Andrea is back, I don't mind Kleiza playing the four beside him for a few minutes when we go small. It keeps James Johnson out there to defend and try to block shots and gives us a lot of offensive firepower. It was a very good looking unit when they played together last night.
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          thank you AB for going down...

          now to get back on track with our tanking plan... minimal damage done - only 2 wins... whew~