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    Sorry for the terrible forum name, just after reactions haha

    Anyway, been really impressed with Kleizas play as of late, he's been our best bench player the last week and his scoring has been pretty reliable (with Barbosa in a rut atm). He's definitely picked up his 3pt shooting which he's known well for, and i love the way he irritates opposing teams, i feel that he gets under their skin (that very cheeky grimace he makes) and can encourage silly plays by them.

    I also think his place is best on the bench as he is playing now, James has been playing well as a starter while Kleiza has been giving a great boost off the table (perfect examples today vs Wizards and last game)

    Just wanted to see everyones opinions on him currently, not that I'm asking if he's a permanent piece going forwards, but if people like what he's providing and what we have been seeing from him.


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    Kleiza is playing like I envisioned when he was signed and happy he is. Bench is good for him and for JJ if/when we get a true starter in draft/FA as they provide different intangibles and can play together as 3-4 as well.

    Don't apologise for your forum name dude. Nothing wrong with it IMO.


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      I think that Kleiza is a great sixth man, has been on denver, and if healthy can be for toronto. He can play 2/3/4 against certain matchups and if his shot is falling he can get a lot of minutes if it isn't he doesnt have that big of an ego to complain to the coach so in the future i see him as a key player in the second squad


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        The Rawth wrote: View Post
        Sorry for the terrible forum name

        Its pre 10am and I havent had a coffee yet, and i chuckled to myself - C2M for all you hip and happenin kids out there...

        Well done.


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          I'm not surprised. Kleiza was hurt last year in a preseason game and played injured all year... we never saw a healthy Linas. Even recently in a interview w/ the Lithuanian press Kleiza said he felt ~70%. I hope he keeps improving and becoming consistent.

          Kleiza's also making better decisions. He's not putting the ball on the floor as much. But at the end of the day it really helps that his knees are healthy. People that don't play basketball should know that shooting, especially from long distance, has all to do with your legs.

          He's here to stay at least for another year to help guide Jonas. It's hard to make these predictions because of what's available at the draft and with FA. Anyone player can be moved. Similarly like Barbosa, I can see a lot of contenders interested to have Kleiza come off the bench.
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            this is the best nickname ever...or at least since I came up with Ed "THE HORSE" Davis
            For still frame photograph of me reading the DeRozan thread please refer to my avatar


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              yea, kleizerbeam, haha, genious.
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                Kleiza's play makes barbosa expandable


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                  I'm waiting for LK to have a bad game so that the Amnesty argument re-surfaces again.


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                    Balls of Steel wrote: View Post
                    I'm waiting for LK to have a bad game so that the Amnesty argument re-surfaces again.
                    I am sure it would start mid-game discussion thread if he even falters for a few minutes.


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                      Happy to see Kleiza playing good basketball. He has a lot of intangibles and offers us flexibility with the line up (can go small or big with him). Hope he stays healthy and can fill it up off the bench for us!