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I Won A Trip To Vegas At The Game Tonight!!

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    RaptorFan (proud?..) wrote: View Post
    I need to go to bed, but first I need to tell you this story..
    We get to the game early and are sitting in our seats waiting, when a woman approaches us and asks me if I'm 21 and if I play basketball. I say yes, and she signs me up for a contest. When the game starts she comes to my seat, grabs me and brings me down to the floor level. She puts me in a hallway with the Raptor, the dance pack (I didn't talk to them I swear), and a security guard. I tell the lady I might pee my pants..
    She gives me a ball to get comfortable.. I attempt to dribble it on the floor, but it's padded and the ball doesn't bounce.. Instead it rolls away from me and under a waitresses feet who is carrying a tray with beers. The cop helps her keep her balance and I quickly pick up the ball... Fail. I put my arm around the officer and say, "If they ever happen to give you a ball.. Don't bounce it.. This floor is not very bouncy and you will be embarrassed.." He laughed
    They call a time out and they rush me onto the court. They put me at the top of the charge circle inside the key and tell me I have twenty seconds to score as many as I can. I miss my first one, make some, shoot an airball (at which point everyone laughed at me), and hit some more. I end with five
    I rush to half court where the dance pack are holding signs and I get to pick five of the signs to reveal their letters. They spell a location, and if I guess it I win a trip to that place. After picking my signs it reveals "L_ _ VEG_S".
    I shout into the mic, "Yo Matt, we're going to LAS VEGAS BABY!!!" and I drop to my knee to do the Tebow (it sucked.. No-one got it.. I need to practise..)

    Was anyone there? If so, erase that airball from your memory and we wont have any problems.
    Cool story RaptorFan...can't believe you gave away a trip to Vegas! I mean it's Vegas baby! Not sure how I would do in that position. My hands would prolly get too sweaty to get a decent grip on the ball!

    And you didn't even talk to the lovely ladies from the dance pak...tsk tsk.

    I'm going to a couple of games in the next month or so (floor seats)...I don't have a current jersey so I guess I'm just going to have to rock my Huskies jacket and cross my fingers that's good enough to get the attention of someone.