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Kelly, Toronto Star: Raptor pride goes AWOL in loss to Bucks

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  • Kelly, Toronto Star: Raptor pride goes AWOL in loss to Bucks

    Like a sitcom dad, Raptors coach Dwane Casey gets angry in reverse.

    Casey started out the game in full throat.By this point, Casey had gone from shouting to muttering to himself. Bad sign.At several points during the remainder of the game, he would take a seat on the bench.Given the way Casey was left fuming, and his suggestion the pride failure is down to a lack of hard lessons taught in practice, the games themselves may be the easiest part of this stretch.
    Source: Kelly, Toronto Star

    If this year is all about culture change and pounding that rock....... well, they have some work to do.

    I have no questions or doubt about Casey. If these guys can't play hard under him, so much for continuity, I hope the roster is gutted. Who would have ever thought this time last year that Bargnani was the heart and soul of the team?

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    I think Casey is going to end up being our best coach ever.

    I always thought the Raptors needed that star player who everyone wants to play hard for. Like Rose in Chicago, Garnett in Boston, or Kobe in LA. They don't even need to be superstars. Chandler had that role in Dallas last year.

    Bosh was definitely not that guy. Bargnani I think is trying to be that guy, but I really don't think it's him either. I think they really need to find someone that everyone would love to play hard for. I hope we can get a guy like that in the draft, because there really aren't that many guys in the league like that - and Toronto needs one badly.

    Based on what I'm hearing - I think MKG might be that type of guy. I really would love Toronto to draft him (assuming they can't get A. Davis).


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      I foolishly predicted the Raptors would generate 25 wins this season. I guess that shows how much I don't know this team and its extreme lack of talent or a least lack of a player who can lead and put the team on its shoulders and will them to victory. Clearly Bargnani helps this team and clearly the vets we picked up this year are useless.

      This upcoming draft will be EXTREMELY important if this team stands a chance of moving forward in the right direction.


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        KaioKev wrote: View Post
        clearly the vets we picked up this year are useless.
        Right on and so they served their purpose and earned 100% of their salaries to date. Things seem to be going exactly how Colangelo could have hoped with the exception of DeMar's slow start.


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          Love Casey.


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            I dont think all is lost. Raptors have had a VERY tough schedule where we played the most road games out of any team in the league, and also were top five in games played. Add to that losing bargnani for more than half the season, and Jerryd Bayless (who is obviously a valuable player) for 13 games so far this year, and it makes things kind of difficult for a new team. A new coach implementing a new system with hardly any practice time, so many injuries, and road games isnt going to be easy.

            The Milwaukee loss was very disappointing but I dont think all is lost. Casey will get these guys playing defense again, bargnani and bayless will come back, the offense is coming around. Even if we dont make the playoffs, heck, thats what everyone wanted any way lol.

            What trades I would like to see go down:

            1) Calderon traded and Bayless starting, Calderon bringing back a young PG piece, perhaps a pick, and cap flexibility.

            2) Barbosa traded for a pick.

            3) Ed Davis traded for a talented SF, SG, or PG prospect.

            Pieces I want to see us keep:

            1) James Johnson and Kleiza

            2) Bargnani

            3) Demar Derozan

            4) Bayless

            5) Amir Johnson

            6) JV

            that is our new core.
            "Defense wins championships."