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  • Imagine that...

    The fact that we have a full season with JV/2012 draft pick/ED/DD/JB all on rookie contracts is unanimously considered as a blessing because this means that we'll see what this is worth and be able to decide if this core is worth building around.

    But what if JV contracts a season ending injury like Griffin did just before his rookie year ?

    What is your plan B ? Do you give contracts to DeMar and Bayless in 2013 without knowing if your core is worth something ? Or do you trade them for veterans betting that JV/Bargs/1st round pick will be enough as a championship nucleus ?

    NB : fingers crossed...

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    If J.V. goes down for the season I think you proceed with the plan and if that results in missing the playoffs again then so be it.


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      Dear Fanchie,

      Please post your address, because us superstitious folk need to know where to congregate with our torches and pitch forks if JV goes down next year.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

      But seriously, at this point i dont think either of those three have warranted much of an extension...all three of them frustrate me to no end and id like to think theyre easily replaceable at this point. BUT, there is still lots of basketball between now and decision time.


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        Fanchie, you should consider wearing a tin foil hat because it appears Matt is communicating his fear of a player injury via telepathy.

        Protect yourself!


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          I swear if he does get injured, I'll literally eat my words (like, I'll eat my keyboard). And then I'll go buy another one and post the following message on every single NBA team board :

          "What'd be the plan if {insert franchise player's name} contracted a season ending injury ?"


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            Seriously ... don't even type words like that about JV - positive thinking man (or woman)

            The "core" will update based on the outcomes of next year ... JB's contract will be a result of whether or not BC likes him in a Barbosa role ... and Demar's will be based on where he lands in the pecking order with JV and the 2012 first rounder. Obviously Demar can stil be a part of the future core regardless, but he may be playing himself into a $7-8M deal, instead of $10M

            Don't forget to mention JJ (also on a rookie deal, and who knows - he may be more a part of the future than JB or even DD).
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              Papa Burgundy wrote: View Post
              Don't forget to mention JJ (also on a rookie deal, and who knows - he may be more a part of the future than JB or even DD).
              Amen to that. At least hes somewhat consistent on one end of the floor.


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                I don't think the plan is to win a championship next year so if JV goes down (and it's all your fault if he does, frenchy) we're just going to proceed as is like Apollo said.

                Next year is the year to assemble the club you want to go to war with but it's the following two years that we'll really see what we're made of.


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                  ain't no one getting injured. Next year is playoff season, stop being so negative.


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                    Hahahal I guess everyone beat me to it Fanchie, but your Raptor fan privileges should be revoked and your ability to enter this site should be as well. BLASPHEMY I TELL YOU! :P
                    The Double Champ is here!
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                      Can this thread be deleted please? Lol ... Lets end this conversation now.


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                        I'll tell what will happen. I will find your address and i will come after you. Oh and i will kill Lebron, kobe, dirk, drose, howard, KG, pierce, melo, love, wade, cp3, nash, curry, durant, wall, westbrook. Pretty much every franchise player.
                        "Stay steamy"

                        - Kobe