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The Point Guard of the Future and Free Agency

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    i would preferably trade him this year and hope to sign nash at a discount if any way possible for a couple years. i was in the felton camp but i have watched a bunch of portland games to see batum, which i thought was baitem but is ba toom. and felton looks horrible. i wouldnt want him for anything other than bench fodder right now. keeping him one more year barring no nash would be a good move for consistencys sake and it will make it easier for BigV to have a great pick and roll point guard.

    in dream land i want chris paul. hate williams.
    I OBJECT! lol just kidding. I don't want Nash to come to TO. Dude deserves to have a run until he retires. We're no where near that point yet, so no I don't want Nash. Though I would love to see Nash retire as a Raptor.